The Secret to Developing Ab Muscles

The Secret to Developing Ab Muscles

The Secret to Abs

 Secret to Abs - Ohio Fitness Garage


We can’t get enough of it, Abs. Working for that toned midsection? Focus on these simple techniques to “crunch” the most out of your time.



Press your Low Back to the Ground

Focus on pressing your low back to the ground. This allows you to engage your core rather than using your hip flexors to complete your ab exercises.


Engage your Belly Button

Pull your belly button in towards your spine and up. This helps to engage your core throughout your abdominal exercises.



It’s commonplace to hold your breath when it gets tough especially with abs. When my abs start to squeal with agony, I find myself holding my breath. As soon as I reincorporate my breath, I find the exercise much easier. Add your breath back and find the ease in the exercise. Getting fancier and pace your exercise to the rhythm of your breath.


Written by - Michelle Gean

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