3 Most Important Factors In Choosing A Tennis Headband

3 Most Important Factors In Choosing A Tennis Headband

Are you getting tired of the sweat dripping into your eyes during a tough match? It is probably time to add a tennis headband to your gear, but what should you look for when buying your headband? Here are the 3 most important factors to consider:

Sweat Absorption - This may seem like a ridiculous place to start, but you would be amazed at home many headbands don't do their primary job. You want to make sure your headband is made from materials that will absorb the sweat. Some of the most stylish looking tennis headbands are made from materials that absorb almost nothing.

Look for a headband that is made from either all cotton or a cotton blend. The cotton will capture your sweat and keep it out of your eyes. That doesn't mean it has to be an old school John McEnroe terry cloth headband to be effective, just check to make sure the materials will do their job.

Does It Stay On - You have two primary choices for how a tennis headband is adjusted. You have the traditional style which is made with stretch materials, or you can choose one which ties on. You may want to experiment with both styles. The elastic-style works perfect for almost everyone, while some people have a little more trouble keeping a tied on the headband in place.

Style, Function, or Both - Yes, we are not going to ignore style. Everyone wants to look awesome when they play. There are a wide variety of styles available today, so let your imagination run wild. You can go with a great looking black Nike tie-on headband, go with the McEnroe look, or almost anything you can imagine.

The important thing to remember as you explore the dizzying array of styles is that you need to make sure it still fits our first two criteria. A great looking tennis headband is useless if the sweat keeps getting in your eyes or it slides off. If you keep those two items in mind, you will be playing without blurry eyes, again.

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