8 Benefits of Whole Body and Localized Vibration Therapy

8 Benefits of Whole Body and Localized Vibration Therapy



Do you feel pressured to work out? In this day and age, where social media is dominated by rock-hard abs, defined buttocks, and selfies in the gym, it's easy to get caught up in the current fitness craze. Although everyone should be promoting fitness, it shouldn't have to be because it's trendy, but because it's better for your overall well-being. In the long run, exercising more will keep you more active, even when you reach more advanced ages. And when you're all silver-haired and slightly wrinkly, wouldn't you want to still be able to keep up with the younger generation?


Exercising is good for the body but admittedly, it's not for everybody. The more physical workouts, that is. What many people might not know is that there are different types of exercising that can still promote fitness. One that's getting popular nowadays, and it isn't too strenuous, is vibration therapy. If you're unaware of what it is, here are 8 benefits of vibration therapy to let you know how effective it really is.


Strengthened Muscles


The whole point of working out is that it will strengthen your body. But for those whose motto is "no pain, no gain," this means undertaking extreme workouts that will likely leave their bodies throbbing with pain. Fortunately, vibration therapy will lead to the same effects without all the pain. Sitting or standing on a vibration machine will strengthen your muscles similarly to lifting weights. Although the results aren't instant, you'll still get to it eventually. And what's even better is that your body doesn't have to suffer in the process. The vibrations help soothe your muscles, making them more energized for any other more physical activity.


Better Bone Density


Apart from your muscles, your bones get to benefit from vibration therapy as well. This type of exercise, particularly with low-intensity vibrations, stimulates your body gently enough to make the bones denser and stronger. This is why, in the event of an injury, vibration therapy is often recommended by various medical professionals. The exercise helps in rebuilding broken bones and making them more relaxed and free from pain. And even when you're not injured, you'll still end up with a much stronger skeletal foundation, which oftentimes is in danger when you undergo more strenuous workouts.


Weight Loss


Losing weight doesn't have to always entail running multiple laps, lifting heavy weights, and doing all sorts of other physical exercises. At times, it can just be as simple as sitting or standing on a vibrating machine. Vibration therapy helps in substantial weight loss and reducing the risk of contracting obesity. The vibrations help spread the fat to other parts of the body, making your body composition more even. This also makes it easier for you to shed those extra pounds off when you go on a diet or undergo the more strenuous workouts. And speaking of diets, pairing a healthy diet with vibration therapy will make weight loss much easier as well.


A More Relaxed Body


Who doesn't want a more relaxed body? Life can get so hectic nowadays that a good vibration or two can already be quite a luxury. Unlike other forms of exercise, vibration therapy can actually relax your body more. The vibrations help soothe your entire body, relieving it off of tensions and loosening all the tight muscles that you may have. It's almost tantamount to getting a massage but without all the hard pushing and such. In fact, even when you pair the therapy with more physical workouts, you'll still end up feeling more relaxed than when you started. And you can't say that about any other exercise.


Peaceful Mind


In the same vein, a vibration machine can also help you relax your mind. At times, when you're exercising, the workout can get too intense because your mind is too clouded with all your problems. Stress can overtake you when you're in the gym, and before you know it, you're in an unfortunate accident that'll put more stress into your mind. But with vibration therapy, it's actually the opposite. The soothing rhythm of the vibrations helps you forget all about your troubles and keeps you focused on letting them shed the extra weight off or strengthen your muscles.


More Energy


And when you're relaxed, you'll have more energy! As mentioned earlier, vibration therapy soothes your muscles and strengthens your bones. With such a combination, you're bound to more energy stepping off the machine than you did when you first stepped on. And the more energy you have, the more you're able to do various physical activities which, in turn, will also strengthen your body. Vibration therapy starts a chain of fitness activities that will make you a lot stronger and more relaxed. And in order to achieve such, you're going to need all the energy that you can get.


Improved Flexibility and Mobility


More relaxed muscles improve your flexibility. When your muscles are too tense and are easily strained, your joints, legs, and limbs can't stretch as wide and as long as you probably can. It'll be too difficult and ultimately more painful when you attempt it. However, if your muscles are relaxed, you have nothing to worry about, You can stretch the entirety of your body to your heart's content. And when your body is flexible, you'll have an easier time doing all sorts of things. Vibration therapy leads to such a benefit. Just one session alone will make you more flexible than before.


Promoted Fitness for the Injured


Finally, perhaps the best benefit of vibration therapy is that you're still able to keep fit even when you're injured. In fact, it's said that this exercise can actually speed up your recovery from an injury, as well as maintain your physical fitness. Since you'll mobility-challenged when you're injured, the only therapy you can do is to sit around, which you can when you're on a vibration machine. You can still achieve the other benefits mentioned earlier, which will all make for a better and stronger body. And the more you take this therapy on, the faster your recovery will be.


                The next time you want to exercise but you don’t want to tire yourself out, go for vibration therapy. All these wonderful benefits and more are at your fingertips, and all it takes is a push of a button on a vibration machine!


Written by 

Sarah Grace Del Rosario

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