9 Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Office Workers

9 Healthy Lifestyle Tips For Office Workers

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Are you tired of feeling like a sack that just goes to work and then comes home and sits on the couch? It might be time for a little lifestyle facelift. Just making a couple of conscious choices to be a little more healthy can do wonders for you. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.


Eating Habits at Work

  • Water - If you’re wanting to be more healthy at work, let's start with the simple things. Are you an avid coffee or soda drinker? It might be time to lay off those beverages and opt for something a little more refreshing. Pick out a water bottle to make your new best friend. Keep that thing full and by your side throughout the day so you can stay nice and hydrated.
  • Snack - If you’re just feeling the munchies then drink your water, but if you are actually needing a bit of fuel, bring a snack. There are plenty of healthy snack options like sugar snap peas, carrots, dried fruit, yogurt, and nuts. Packs something so you don’t have to rely on the snacks in the vending machine to satisfy your hunger. 
  • Lunch - Take the time to pack a lunch so you won’t be tempted to grab greasy fast food. Meal prep can be done on Sunday for the entire week so each day your lunch is ready to head out the door with you with very minimal effort.


Moving at Work

  • Desk - If you want to exercise but are stuck at your desk all day you have a few options. You could invest in a desk mount that allows your computer to be at eye level when standing. Then you won’t be confined to your chair all day. Or you could get a yoga ball to sit on at your desk so you can work on your core strength while getting your work done.
  • Break - Every few hours employees are typically allowed a 15-minute break. Always take the break, even if it is just to take a lap around the building or walk to the bathroom. Your body will thank you for the opportunity to move.
  • Lunch - Take advantage of your lunch break and leave the building. You could walk to the park or, if you have enough time, get in a game or mini work out at the nearby gym.


Sitting at Work

  • Posture - When sitting at your desk try and keep good posture. Your head should sit above your shoulders not leaned forward over your chest or resting behind you. Keep your feet flat on the floor and try to resist the urge to cross your legs.
  • Chair - Make sure the chair you sit in for hours every day is giving you the support you need. Chat with your orthopedic doctor about office chairs or inserts that will help support your lower back, shoulders, and hips so you aren’t causing yourself unnecessary pain.
  • Desk - Have your desk set up so you don’t strain yourself. Your keyboard and mouse should be within easy access to your hands. The computer screen needs to sit at eye level so you aren’t straining to look up or down. If this is the space you spend hours at everyday then take the time to make it a comfortable place for you and your body.


A healthy lifestyle isn’t just going to happen. You have to be willing to take the time to priorities your bodies needs over what may seem the simplest. Often times the easy option isn’t the healthiest. As you make the effort to make choices that are good for your body, you’ll find more energy and a happier lifestyle.

Written by Kaili Killpack

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