Activity Ideas to Keep Your Kids Happy, Healthy, and Entertained at Home

Activity Ideas to Keep Your Kids Happy, Healthy, and Entertained at Home

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The coronavirus shutdown is putting parents in a tough spot. If your kids are home from school for the foreseeable future, you may be wondering how you’re going to fill the empty days ahead — especially if you’re trying to limit screen time. Fortunately, there are ways to help your kids keep learning, remain healthy, and stay happy at home without excessive screentime. Check out the following resources for ways to keep your kids engaged while school is closed!


Activities for Health and Well-Being

10 Ways to Encourage Smart Snacking

How Cooking Is a Skill That Will Last a Lifetime for Your Children

10 Backyard Activities to Do with Children

Fun Ways To Encourage Kids to Get Active Indoors


Encouraging Learning at Home

If Your Child's School Closes, Don't Panic: Here's a List of Homeschooling Resources

5 Ways to Build Math Into Your Child's Day

How to Improve Reading Comprehension for Kids

4 Ways to Explore Science with Your Child


How to Leave Kids Home Alone

Child Safety Guide: How to Keep Kids Safe When They’re Home Alone

7 Safety Rules for Kids at Home Alone

Teaching Your Child How to Use 911

Protect Your Children with a Video Alarm System


Screen-Free Entertainment

Easy, 10-Minute Crafts for Kids

4 Tips for Creating a Cool Blanket Fort for Kids

22 Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas to Keep Your Kids Guessing

The 5 Best Card Games For Kids


Although you might have to make some adjustments to your daily routine, you and your kids will get used to your new schedule before you know it. Incorporate learning into everyday activities, create opportunities for screen-free play, take advantage of your backyard, and use this time together to encourage key life skills. Most importantly, let your kids get creative! Left to their own imaginations, kids can entertain themselves for hours on end.

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