All about circuit training for older adults

All about circuit training for older adults

Circuit training is a fitness program that is implemented in a person’s workout to help achieve all-around physical wellness. This is what makes circuit training unique from other fitness programs as it hopes to bring about the physical fitness of your entire body. As it is known, the only way our muscular, as well as respiratory system, can be enhanced is through physical working. With this in mind, circuit training tries to combine various physical exercises from aerobics, strength exercises as well as stretching to make sure a person’s body increases its endurance capabilities. This is the core reason why the elderly are highly recommended to undertake circuit training as it will focus on improving their physical fitness and better their quality of life.

However, seniors who opt to enroll in this program are advised to begin at a lower level and with time, work on improving their intensity as well as duration. Many people tend to think that circuit training is similar to weight training which is not correct. When it comes to weight training, an individual is expected to work at high weight level and as it is known an ordinary person can handle up to twelve repetitions. Additionally, weight training gives the lifter some time to rest before he/she makes a second attempt where repetition of the same exercise and rounds is done. In circuit training, however, the exerciser which is the senior citizen begins working at a lower level of weight thus takes time before proceeding to next exercise. Additionally, an exerciser is given minimal rest before he/she progresses to the next exercise. For individuals who are new to this program, various basic rules are set for the following to ensure no harm is done unto them, and the final objective is reached.

Just like any other workout program, seniors engaging in circuit training are expected to start with a meticulous warm up and stretching. Moreover, all the upcoming routine that is going to be undertaken are carefully demonstrated by a professional trainer, and if done correctly, these demonstrations can be part of the warm-up. A practical and efficient circuit has to ensure that the time used up on every exercise is highly manageable even to the weakest member present. For beginners who opt to start the circuit training should frequent breaks and modest pauses between every exercise stations. For the entire process to bear positive results, it ought to encompass through a warm-up and stretching period as this will help in taking the participants to pulse down.

For seniors who want to begin and enroll in circuit training, it’s essential first to identify a surrounding that focuses on their specific needs. The training sessions need to be appropriate for all its members if a positive impact is to be attained. Overtaxing is not suitable for seniors as this will bring about injuries and pains that will hinder further training. Additionally, you have to pay close attention to the trainer that will be assigned to your sessions as he/she will be in charge of your entire workout. Look if the trainer fully understands your needs as a senior and if he/she is fully committed to meeting these needs.


-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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