All Stretching is not Created Equal – 4 Basic Types

All Stretching is not Created Equal – 4 Basic Types

There are several different ways to stretch. I am going to explain the different techniques and examples.

Static Stretching – this is the most common form of stretching.  All you have to do is extend the targeted muscle group to its max range of motion and hold for 30 plus seconds.   

  1. Active Static – is when you stretch without applying any external forces. An example is open both arms as far as you can and hold
  2. Active Passive – is when you stretch and apply external forces. A hurdler stretch is a good example where you can increase your flexibility pass your normal range of motion by grabbing and pulling yourself to your feet.

Dynamic Stretching – duplicates the movement that will be performed in a sport or exercise while using a continues movement pattern.  A sprinter warms up you may see them walk then bring one leg to their chest and hold.  This is an example of a dynamic stretch.


Ballistic Stretching -  is when you use momentum and bouncing to push your stretching pass your normal range of motion (Not Suggested).


Active Isolated Stretching -  is a form of stretching where another person stretches you out but only does 2 second holds per set over a given set routine while gradually increasing resistance applied.


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