Get Strong Forearms for Baseball with Dumbbell Reverse Curls

Get Strong Forearms for Baseball with Dumbbell Reverse Curls

Baseball: Forearm Curls


Forearm Curls - Ohio Fitness Garage

 Get Strong Forearms for Baseball with Dumbbell Reverse Curls 

Grab a bench and a fairly light weight. Forearm curls is a type of workout that is best done in high repetitions. So work them until you feel a burn.


There are many ways to do forearm curls, but one of the most comfortable ways is by sitting upright on a bench with two dumbbells or a barbell.


A single repetition is complete palms up by allowing the weight to curl onto your fingertips, and then you curl it back up to the starting position. For palms down, simply twist your wrists upwards, hold for a half second, and then go back to the starting position.


The Purpose


Have you ever watched some of the baseball game’s best hitters and thought, “wow, how on earth are their forearms so big?” Many pro players strengthen their forearms to get their bats through the zone as fast as possible and increase bat speed. Forearm curls also lead to better grip, which helps with bat control.


The Benefits


There are many fitness related benefits to an increase in bat speed. The first and most obvious example is that more bat speed leads to higher exit velocity, which equals harder hit balls. Fielders will notice a certain “zip” behind the balls you hit, which will cause them to think twice about their fielding strategies and defensive shifts with you in the box.


Another example of a batter-related benefit is having more bat control leads to better at-bats. The easier it is for you to control the bat through the zone, the more likely you’ll catch up to higher velocity pitchers. Better grip will also help with check swings.











Written by: Devin Pickell

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