Weighted Dumbbell Side Lunges Benefits in Baseball Conditioning

Weighted Dumbbell Side Lunges Benefits in Baseball Conditioning


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To begin this dynamic workout, grab two dumbbells of fairly heavy weight and hold them by your side. Side lunges can be completed either stationary with one leg up on a bench, or laterally down a path. If stationary, complete four sets of 10 on each leg. If walking, complete at least three down-and-backs.


With close attention to a single leg, try to get as deep into your side lunge as possible. These may not be as easy as front lunges since it is a lateral movement.


A single repetition is complete when the lunger finishes their dip and is upright again. Keep your back and head in-line, this helps maintain balance.


The Purpose


Another variation of the lunge, side lunges are phenomenal for building your glutes, hamstrings, quads, obliques, and they have a particular emphasis on the hips. Again, this unilateral motion will force your body to strengthen its weakest points.


Similar to front lunges and the in-game motions it recreates, side lunges have a benefit for baseball and softball players as well. Side lunges recreate the lateral motion when it comes to baserunning. This is crucial for speed demons on the base paths.


The Results


Side lunges don’t just build strength and mobility, but explosiveness as well. Being able to get deep into your side lunge and use your hips to rotate will contribute towards great baserunning muscle memory.


Baserunners aren’t the only ones to benefit from side lunges. Infielders and outfielders need to be able to maximize their lateral movement to cover as much ground as possible. So it’s time to turn that diving stop at third base into a routine ground ball.








Written by: Devin Pickell

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