Benefits associated with circuit training

Benefits associated with circuit training

You get bored easily and have no time to execute various exercises. You get tired of seeing no positive results despite working out every time. If these are some of the exercises you give to avoid working out, then its time to try circuit training. Despite how physically fit you can be, regular exercises is necessary especially for older adults due to its numerous advantages such as improving the overall quality of life. Circuit training is a series of training that involves moving across various exercises and are performed and repeated for some time. Compared to other exercises done alone such as cardiovascular exercises, circuit training offers an effective and efficient total body workout making sure your entire body is active. What makes circuit training even better is the fact that the exercise can take less than an hour to do the training. Moreover, it’s safe for individuals with arthritis as the training can easily be tailored depending on a person’s exertion and ability levels. Here are some of the benefits that come with executing circuit training

Helps develop your strength

When you incorporate circuit training into your lifestyle, you are guaranteed of improving your strength despite the age bracket. Weakness in the lower muscle has always been a contributing factor to falls especially for older adults. With this in mind, fitness experts recommend that seniors who undertake circuit training focus more on strengthening their legs to help make them strong thus minimize the risk of falling. Some of the exercises that focus on strengthening your lower part include standing exercises such as squats and seated exercises such as hamstring curls as well as leg presses. Apart from strengthening the lower body, you still have to exercise your upper body to ascertain that your entire body is healthy. The upper body can be enhanced by executing upper body exercises. These exercises entail performing movements in all motions from forward, backward, sideways and rotation. With the help of upper body exercises, it becomes more comfortable for you to develop functional strength.

Helps improve your balance

Balance and stability have always been an issue for older adults, and this is why most of them are at a higher risk of falling. However, regardless of your age, you can quickly improve your balance by incorporating circuit training. This can only be undertaken if you perform most of your exercises while standing. If by any chance executing your exercises offers no challenge, you can opt to enhance your stability by standing on one foot. According to health experts, a combination of strength and balance exercises helps improve and better postural control among senior women.

For you to achieve better results, try to perform at least ten repetitions of every exercise with minimal resistance to start. With time, you can begin using heavier exercise machines and extend your workout hours. Always remember to consult your physician before you decide to start an exercise program as this will help determine if your fit enough to start the exercise regimen. If by any chance you begin feeling dizzy, or you're out of breath, stop the exercise and consult a doctor.


-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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