Benefits associated with elderly fitness

Benefits associated with elderly fitness

There are numerous reasons as to why we slow down and gradually become sedentary as we age. Some of the reasons might be due to health complications, weight problems or fears of falling. Or maybe you might be thinking that exercise is not for you as it is only meant for younger people. What many people forget is that as you grow old, the more crucial an active lifestyle is to your wellbeing. Moving your body will help in boosting your energy, safeguarding your heart, reducing the risk of illness or pain, help maintain your weight and helps preserve your independence. Moreover, exercise is vital for your mind, memory as well as mood. No matter the age, there exist various ways a person can have an active lifestyle and improve their overall health with ease.

Health experts have argued that physical activity is indeed the number one contributor to healthy living as well as longevity regardless of when you start exercising. You can start exercising at you senior years and still add years to your life. There is more to living an active lifestyle than just adding years to your life. When you exercise, you will not only feel energetic but also look better and achieve wellness. For older individuals, below are some of the benefits you are bound to enjoy when you engage in physical activity.

Physical health advantages

Assist in maintaining and losing your weight: - a person’s metabolism slows down as he/she ages, and this poses a challenge when it comes to engaging in an active lifestyle. With the help of physical activity, a person’s metabolism is increased thus helps maintain a person weight by burning more calories.

Reduce the risk of illness and chronic ailments: - health experts argue that individuals who exercise more tend to have a healthy living as compared to those who don’t. This is possible as exercises help in improving an individual’s digestive as well as immune system and improve a person blood pressure. Moreover, an active lifestyle assures individual lives with minimal chances of acquiring chronic disease such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis among others.

Helps boost balance and mobility: -for seniors, strength and flexibility is of great importance and this can be enhanced through exercise. With improved strength and flexibility, it becomes easy for a senior to reduce the instances he/she falls and helps in enhancing one's coordination. Moreover, strength exercises play an essential role in alleviating specific chronic ailments such as arthritis.

Mental health advantages

Boosts a person’s confidence: - for quite some time, exercise has been known to be a stress reliever as it helps reduce feelings of depression or sadness. Through being active and having a sense of strength, it becomes easier for a seniors self-confidence to be boosted.

Enhances sleep: - For any person, regardless of the age, quality sleep is vital to his/her general wellness. Regular exercise has been known to help a person fall asleep quickly, soundly and when a person wakes up, he/she feels energetic as well as refreshed.

Though there are good reasons for a person to take everything with ease and slow down, there are numerous healthier reasons to keep on moving. So get up and start moving if you want to add more days to your life and see your future generation.


-Written by Barbara Ailstock

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