Benefits Of The Prilepin Table

Benefits Of The Prilepin Table

The Prilepin table comes with a long list of benefits and has become one of the finer techniques used by traditional lifters.

For those who are contemplating giving this a shot, it's best to think about the various advantages as you pinpoint what works and what does not. When used properly, this is one of the best tools a lifter can have in their arsenal while developing a fully-fledged program.

1) Organized

This is an organized way to lift and is going to get you heading to the gym with a smile on your face. It doesn't leave you guessing as to how much you have to lift and this can save quite a bit of time.

2) Built for Progression

It is built for progression meaning you are going to get stronger as long as you follow it properly.

3) Limits Injuries

This is one of the worries people have with regards to lifting. They don't want to get injured but still wish to get stronger. This is difficult to do without managing your workload using this table. It is designed to reduce injury as best as possible.

These are the benefits of the Prilepin table and why it is admired by professional lifters worldwide.


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