Best fitness programs for older adults

Best fitness programs for older adults

Health experts have recommended that older adults undertake regular exercises if they aim at staying independent as well as prevent other health complications that are associated with old age. According to health experts, seniors are recommended to undertake two kinds of physical activity which include aerobic and strengthening exercises. Despite this recommendation, only one-third of older adults above sixty years adhere to them. This is saddening as there are numerous programs seniors can indulge in if they want to have an active lifestyle. Below are some of the conventional programs a senior individual can enroll.

Active choices

This is a six-month physical activity curriculum that focuses on assisting an individual to be in a position of incorporating physical activity in his/her life. Due to its nature, the curriculum is often individualized for every person to meet a person’s criteria. Trainers and staff have been trained to offer regular guidance; support and follow-ups to make sure you are comfortable with your new indulgence.

Improved fitness

Initially identified as Lifetime Fitness program, enhanced fitness is a fitness program that is highly adaptable and cost-efficient. The exercise program is known to provide levels that are tough enough for seniors and are also safe enough for those with limited mobility. A one-hour session in this fitness program will entail stretching, strength training, aerobics, and balance.

Walk with Ease

Walk with ease is a fitness program that assists all its participants to in formulating a walking plan that meets their specific needs. Moreover, the program helps its participants stay motivated as well as being in control of their pain. All the material present in this program has been implemented in research settings, and its impact noted. Some of the effects that come with this program include increased walking speed, decreased depression and an increase in physical fitness.

Active living every day

Commonly identified as ALED, active living every day is a physical fitness curriculum that uses problem-solving approaches to assimilate physical activity into a person’s everyday life. For this to happen, an ALED book is used, but optional online support resources can also be used by both facilitators as well as participants. Depending on one’s preference, the program can be offered individually or with community-based programs.

Healthy Moves for aging well

This is simple and safe in-home fitness program that focuses on enhancing the activity level of individuals with limited mobility as well as high-risk sedentary older adults. This model was formulated to help offer fitness services to seniors living at home and find it hard to go for classes.

Fit and strong

This physical fitness program incorporates strength training; aerobic, stretching and flexibility with health education t9o cater for needs of seniors with lower extremity osteoarthritis. The program works hand in hand with instructors and trainers who are able to offer an eight-week curriculum to all its participants. The initiative focuses on lowering stiffness and pain as well as increases a person’s strength.

No matter the program you decide to choose, always remember to start it slow if you aim at achieving your end goal. There exist numerous programs you can choose from so the next time you think of staying at home and doing nothing, remember physical activity is compulsory if you want a healthy life.


-Written by Barbara Ailstock

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