Exercises for Seniors to do at Home

Exercises for Seniors to do at Home

Exercises for Seniors to do at Home

Most people find it suitable to exercise during the summer season as during the winter season their exercise schedule is restricted. During this time, going to the gym or any activity center becomes challenging especially for the older adults as the weather is inclement. Despite this challenge, exercises are essential and still need to be conducted year-round regardless of the season. The good news is that there exist various senior fitness regimes that can be undertaken in the house during the rainy or winter season. By doing these workouts while at home, the body continues gets the full workout that it requires without going to the gym.

The benefits that come with exercising cannot be deprived especially for the seniors. With proper and regular exercises, the elderly can maintain a stable level of energy as well as independence. Moreover, ills and pains have minimized all thanks to workouts. Additionally, exercise assist enhance a person’s mood and memory thus it advisable that older adults incorporate exercise in their regimen regardless of being a senior with good general health or one managing illness. Some of the forms of exercises an ideal older adult can undertake while at home despite the weather condition outside include;

Endurance exercises for Seniors

These types of exercises include activities and mild aerobics that help in increasing a person’s breathing and heart rate. Some of them include swimming, brisk walks as well as cycling.

Strengthening workouts for Seniors

It’s necessary for older adults to enhance their muscles despite their older age. This can be achieved through lifting, light weights or weight bands.

Senior Balancing

It is difficult for older individuals to remain balanced as sudden movements might result in falls. Thus balancing exercises need to be conducted daily to ensure they stay centre physically.

Senior Flexibility

It is vital that the limbs continue to remain supple to a particle extent to help facilitate free movement. For older individuals, this is necessary as it ensures their mobility does not decrease despite the age.

With this in mind, some of the exercises senior citizens can undertake while indoors to facilitate the above forms of exercises include;

Stretching: This is an integral part of all workouts as it helps improve flexibility as well as preventing any injuries that can be incurred from workouts.

Walking:  this type of workout requires no pre-planning. Walking is vital as it helps in strengthening the joints and muscle as it keeps them supple. Before undertaking any good walk, it is indispensable to select good walking shoes that will help in offering adequate support. Moreover, it is vital to stretch before and after the walk to make the body relax.

Swimming: this low-impact workout is an excellent endurance exercise, and it assists in offering flexibility to the limbs. The water is responsible for relieving stress on both bones and joints, and the chances of injury are low. This type of exercises is necessary for post-menopausal women. Moreover, swimming is not only a workout but also a recreational activity and can be fun.


Despite the numerous benefits that come with exercises, senior citizens are advised not to push themselves at any one point. If by any chance they experience sudden pain or get out of breath, they need to stop immediately and obtain necessary attention.



Written by Barbara Ailstock

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