How to Do a Russian Twists Exercise

How to Do a Russian Twists Exercise


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  How to Do a Russian Twists Exercise?

Take a seat on the ground and grab either a plate that’s light enough to rotate with, or a fairly dense medicine ball.


You’re going to balance on your backside near your tailbone, raise your legs in the air and cross at the ankles, and then begin rotating.


A single repetition is complete by rotating on both the left and right side of the body. Make sure your plate or medicine ball touches the ground -- you want to get full extension to get the most out of the workout. Do anywhere from 3-5 sets of 20 rotations.


The Purpose


Russian twists are not only a killer ab workout, but they force you to stabilize on your backside throughout the workout while completing your rotations. The twisting motion targets your obliques and your upper abs. Strengthened obliques are extremely crucial, considering it’s one of the most common strains and DL-inducing injuries listed by the MLB.


Russian twists can also be categorized as a unilateral motion since you’re targeting one side of the body with each twist. This is always important for evening out both sides.


The Benefits of doing Russian Twist


Like many workouts on this list, Russian twists directly translate into a motion that will be commonly used throughout a softball or baseball game. This workout replicates the twisting motion of your core used during hitting, throwing, and pitching.


A core supported by weak obliques won’t generate much explosiveness, thus opening you up to injury and most of all, poor performance. Implement a Russian twist into every core workout you do and you’ll soon find more velocity on the fastball, more pop on your swing, and more stability and balance.








Written by: Devin Pickell

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