Weight Training for Endurance Swimmers Strokes in the Pool

Weight Training for Endurance Swimmers Strokes in the Pool



You are starting to feel stagnant swimming. You want to see some improvement in your strokes, but will adding in a dry-land, cross-training program make a difference in the pool? The answer? Kind of. Though there are some uncertainties about cross-training and its direct impact on swimming, there are some things that can be said.






Weights alone do not necessarily make a difference for your in the pool performance. The weights program can be hit or miss. That being said, exercises focused on explosiveness can be beneficial for your in-the-water performance more than a daily weights routine. The effect of weights on your swimming can be uncertain, but running is proven to increase your effectiveness in the water.






Adding explosive exercises to your routine can work, but if you are going to add anything, make sure you incorporate running. Though you get a lot of aerobic exercise while in the pool, running is proven to increase heart rate efficiency at a higher rate than swimming. So, hit the track occasionally to get an edge in the pool.






Overall, it is a bit uncertain as to the direct benefits of adding a dry-land program, but if you want to add something to your training routine, add a run. Running will boost your heart shape, strengthen your legs, and give you an edge in the pool.






Source: Europe PMC






Written by Michelle Gean



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