Different and the Best Ways to Climb a Pegboard

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Different and the Best Ways to Climb a Pegboard

 Fitness Workout Pegboard - Ohio Fitness Garage


There are several ways to climb a pegboard.  A person can use momentum, brute strength, or do a hybrid CrossFit Method of climbing with hands and feet.


The momentum method is great for beginners; all you must do is practice swinging side to side with the pegs in the pegboard. When your body feels weightless, quickly remove one peg and put it in a hole above.  Then repeat. This method is like a Kipping pullup.  If you can do several linked Kipping pullups, you should be able to do this method.

 Brute Strength

To climb using the brute strength, you will need upper body strength.  Training to do this will require developing shoulder and wrist strength by using several exercises that work on both dynamic and static strength.

 CrossFit Hybrid

I 100% don’t recommend hybrid training.  Hybrid training is not recommended because your back is put in a position where you could do substantial damage to it if you fall. So I will not cover this Method. 


The momentum method will get you started climbing. As a person progresses, they should add some static and dynamic moves so they can do strength pulls.

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