Drop (the tech) and Dash (to the trails)

Drop (the tech) and Dash (to the trails)

Drop (the tech) and Dash (to the trails)

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Running Without Technology 

I stepped through my front door--Garmin watch on one wrist, iPod in my hand, and cell phone buzzing in my pocket. I felt heavy, in body and spirits. The usual cardio I chose hardly appealed today. I could feel my run in my muscles before I even took one step. The pressure of time weighed heavily on my back, and I was stuck in a rut of subpar workouts. The cycle perpetuated itself. I wanted to complete another cardio session to complement my resistance training, but the second I left the comfy crevice of my couch everything felt like déjà vu.


It went something like this. I started my watch, started to move my feet, adjusted my music, fixed my ear buds, redid my hair, wiped the sweat, and then, glanced down at my watch only to notice that I was getting slower. The phone buzzed in my pocket, and I would anxiously look at my phone. Then, I glanced back down at my watch. My pace slowed even more substantially. Now I’m in my head, “Why am I so slow?” I redid my hair, again, and wiped my sweat. Finally, I would finish the loop and feel more exhausted from adjusting my ear buds than from the run itself. I barely noticed the sun, beautiful blue sky, green trees, and fresh air. Maybe you have been here before? It was in that moment that I opted to ‘run free,’ and it changed my cardio for the better.


I dropped my watch, left the tunes at home, ditched my phone, and simply ran for the fun of it. Dropping the technology, changing my running route, and running to enjoy the fresh air rather than to measure my performance changed my cardio for the better. Suddenly, every time I stepped through the front door I felt lighter. Literally, I didn’t have 10 pounds of technology stowed away in my pockets.


Run free (every now and then), whether that means dropping your watch, phone, music, or all three, and rediscover your cardio.



Written by - Michelle Gean

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