Easy exercise you can do even at home


Seniors who decide to engage in workout activities as they continue ageing and believe you can never be too old to exercise lead a healthier lifestyle full of numerous benefits. Waking up and deciding to workout has never been an issue for any senior, but identifying the best type of activities to engage in has always been an issue. Not only has identifying which workout to indulge in being an issue for elders but also knowing how frequently these exercises need to be done. During the ageing process, seniors need to focus on four core areas namely strength, stability, endurance as well as flexibility. In any exercise, you decide to uphold, always ensure you address these four regions as this is the only way you will live a well-rounded and healthy life. By addressing these four regions, you have successfully undertaken a well-rounded workout. If you hate or you are afraid to go to the gym and workout, here are examples of workouts you can do in the comfort of your home and still be healthy.

Arm Raises

You might think this is a lame type of exercises as even children do it, but lifting your arms with weights is an effective way to fabricate your upper body strength. If you do not want weights, you can use anything around you such as full water bottle or even books. These items will act as weights and will play a prominent role in building your upper body strength. For this exercise to be effective, you will have to lift your hand weights while your sited or standing and hold them at shoulder heights and returning them. To gain more beneficial strength exercises, repeat this procedure at least ten times.


For quite some time, physicians have been heard recommending older adults to walk more as it helps in strengthening their joints, promoting mental health and enhancing the cardiovascular system. Moreover, walking is recommended for older adults as it is safe and can be done anywhere. Whether it’s walking from your house to your neighbor’s house, walking from the living room to the bedroom, walking is an incredible way to move one's body.


One of the conventional notions of senior fitness that is often overlooked is stretching. Health experts advise that seniors try to stretch in the morning as it is the best way to make the rest of the day productive. Stretching regularly in the morning helps enhance your overall flexibility and this, in turn, impacts the rest of your day and life. Moreover, stretching averts everyday injuries and gives your muscles an opportunity to perform at its maximum potential. What makes stretching effective is the fact that it’s simple, requires no physical expertise or equipment and demands minimal time. Similar to a proper tune-up for the case of an automobile, daily stretching in particular in the morning helps in removing in “kinks” present in your body. Moreover, stretching early in the morning hinders “kinks” from affecting you from the first place. Muscle and back pain can also be alleviated with the help of an excellent regular stretching routine.



-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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