Effective workouts to help reduce weight for seniors over fifty years

Effective workouts to help reduce weight for seniors over fifty years

When people begin getting older, they start feeling comfortable as life gets better and more accessible to them. Seniors are known to become more aware of their bodies and start feeling confident in their skin. They start letting go of what doesn’t work for them and incorporate anything that works their way. Moreover, they start letting go of anything that makes them sweat or make them struggle including working out. As a result, many senior citizens end up adding weight which is not suitable for them at that frail stage. Proper exercises have been known to have profound effects on an older adult as it helps improve his/her overall well being. By staying active, you can reduce stiffness, improve your strength and boost your energy levels. Compared to others, seniors who do regular workouts tend to be independent and flexible

Balance workouts

For older citizens, balance exercises have been known to reduce the risk of falls which can bring about adverse effects on a senior. Moreover, these exercises help improve a person’s posture as well as his/her body mechanisms. One type of exercises that you can undertake as a senior citizen under the category of balance exercise include standing on one foot. You can also opt to walk heel to toe while placing your heel in front of your toes of the opposite foot.

Endurance exercises

This type of exercise has been known to have positive effects on a person’s heart as well as the circulatory system. It includes walking, dancing and swimming. One ideal exercise for the seniors that is gentle and is highly beneficial to a person’s body entails rebounding on a mini trampoline in an instance when a senior citizen is already physically fit; strenuous exercises can come in handy to help him/her continue having an active lifestyle. These strenuous exercises include jogging or hiking. Outdoor exercise is highly recommended as a senior can obtain vitamin D and much-required fresh air when exercising. Fitness experts often advice seniors to exercise in pairs or groups as working out with another person can help keep you motivated as well as offer social interaction.

Strengthening exercises

This type of exercise has been known to help build a person’s muscles, strengthen his/her bones as well as boost one's metabolism. It includes squatting, lifting weights or doing push-ups. When a person begins getting old, his/her metabolism starts to slow down, but with the help of strengthening exercise, the opposite is done as the metabolism is boosted. Moreover, strengthening exercises are useful for individuals who want to lose weight. For older adults, healthy bones are vital as they help prevent osteoporosis and help them undertake their daily activities such as cleaning the house. A senior can perform these types of exercises alone, but it is highly recommended to do the exercises with people of the similar age group to help in social interaction and motivation.

No matter the program you decide to choose, always remember to start it slow if you aim at achieving your end goal. There exist numerous programs you can choose from so the next time you think of staying at home and doing nothing, remember physical activity is compulsory if you want a healthy life.




-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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