Elderly exercises you can adopt

Elderly exercises you can adopt

Elderly exercises you can adopt

When people begin getting older, they start feeling comfortable as life gets better and more accessible to them. Seniors are known to become more aware of their bodies and start feeling confident in their skin. They start letting go of what doesn’t work for them and incorporate anything that works their way. Moreover, they start letting go of anything that makes them sweat or make them struggle including working out. As a result, many senior citizens end up adding weight which is not suitable for them at that frail stage. Proper exercises have been known to have profound effects on an older adult as it helps improve his/her overall well being. By staying active, you can reduce stiffness, improve your strength and boost your energy levels. Compared to others, seniors who do regular workouts tend to be independent and flexible


Before undertaking any workout, stretching is necessary as it helps reduce the risk of injury and prepares the body for the strenuous exercise that is to be conducted. It is advised that seniors stretch slowly and gently while avoiding bouncing. If by any chance the stretch becomes painful, a senior is encouraged to stop stretching to prevent any further complications. When a senior wants to loosen the muscles present at the front of his/her thighs, the trainer will advise him/her to lean against the wall, grab one foot and pull his/her heel toward the buttock slowly. If it is to stretch one's calf, the exercise will entail an older person leaning with forearms against the wall, taking a step back using one foot and straightening the leg while slightly bending the front leg. Stretching the upper body entails one raising his/her arms over the head and clasping the finger together.

Chest press

This type of exercise is performed when one lies supine on a flat bench when both feet are still on the floor. When doing this, you are required to engage your abdominal muscles while you let your lower back be pressed into the bench. In each hand, hold a dumbbell and let your arms out. At a 90-degree angle, bend your elbows and bring the dumbbell to your ears. Lift the dumbbells into the air simultaneously and return them to the initial position while you exhale and inhale when bringing them down.


For older adults who don’t want to go the gym but want to move their bodies without putting too much stress on their joints, yoga is the perfect option. Yoga is a low-impact exercise that can be conducted at home and doesn’t require one to visit the gym. An individual can decide to download free yoga classes online or develop a routine depending on one’s preference.

For you to achieve better results, try to perform at least ten repetitions of every exercise with minimal resistance to start. With time, you can begin using more massive exercise machines and extend your workout hours. Always remember to consult your physician before you decide to start an exercise program as this will help determine if your fit enough to start the exercise regimen. If by any chance you begin feeling dizzy, or you're out of breath, stop the exercise and consult a doctor.


By Barbara Ann Ailstock

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