Example of fun, healthy workouts seniors can indulge in

Example of fun, healthy workouts seniors can indulge in

Always walk about 10,000 steps each day. If by any chance you have never heard of the 10,000 steps mantra, then you haven’t been serious and paying attention to your health. The 10,000 steps mantra helps in encouraging the general population especially seniors to stay active and get fit. It has been noted by health experts that getting involved in moderate workouts at least five times in a week play a significant role in reducing the risks of a person getting health complications such as diabetes, arthritis, heart attack and stroke. Combined with a balanced diet, working out has been identified as the number one option for staying healthy and increasing a person’s lifespan.  This is especially important for individuals over fifty years as it helps maintain a person weight and assist in toning a person’s body system. Moreover, regular exercises are one of the best ways to deter common diseases and disorders that are associated with old age. Many seniors avoid exercising due to the belief that vigorous exercise will bring about more harm than good. This according to health experts is untrue. Below are some fun activities you can undertake and still have an active lifestyle


Aerobic exercises have been known to keep the heart pumping and keep the blood circulating effectively. This according to health experts plays a significant role in keeping your heart muscles in check, helps in lowering your blood pressure, controls your blood sugar reduces the chances of health complications and bring about your overall wellness. The best exercises according to health experts are those that make your heart rate increase and helps sustain elevated heart rates for a duration of time. This is precisely what aerobic exercises do. It gives your heart some time to get pumping and goes a step further to ember your metabolism enabling it to work efficiently and extra harder. For seniors, the overall recommendation for a proper workout entails a ten-minute warm-up as well as stretching, a ten-minute vigorous workout, and a ten-minute cooldown as well as stretching. If the phrase aerobic exercise has got you frowning your face or shaking your head, you can relax as it doesn’t have to be about bouncing around a fitness class while wearing a skin tight


If by any chance you have never played golf and you plan on starting, or you have stayed for long without playing golf, exercise for some time or a few weeks before you opt to indulge into full swing. Begin exercising at roughly the same time you plan on golfing to get similar conditions. Consider taking a twenty-minute walk at least four times a week and spend most of your time practicing how to swing. You start by a shorter lighter club and with time progress your way up. Always spare ten minutes for stretching before beginning your exercises.


Not many people are aware of the fact that gardening does give your heart an astoundingly energetic workout. This is because gardening entails digging, bending and lifting of gardening equipment. To change your gardening session into a healthy and vigorous exercise, you first have to start with some stretches to help relax your muscle. Next, undertake your activities such as raking while using your entire body for nearly twenty minutes. Later, you can cool down by picking vegetables.



-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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