Exercise advice for senior citizens.

Exercise advice for senior citizens.

Exercise advice for senior citizens.

Most people find it suitable to exercise during the summer season as during the winter season their exercise schedule is restricted. During this time, going to the gym or any activity center becomes challenging especially for the older adults as the weather is inclement. Despite this challenge, exercises are essential and still need to be conducted year-round regardless of the season. The good news is that there exist various senior fitness regimes that can be undertaken in the house during the rainy or winter season. By doing these workouts while at home, the body continues gets the full workout that it requires without going to the gym.

Staying seated for an extended period has been identified by health experts as a risk factor for poor health. Sitting the entire day despite being physically fit can increase the risk of acquiring various diseases. For quite some time, seniors have been recommended to incorporate high-intensity exercises as well as strength training in their daily regimen. One of the tasks that have been emphasized by many health experts is walking. Walking has been a proper way for senior citizens to remain healthy and avoid health hazards linked to chronic sitting. However, walking is not an alternative solution for every senior citizen as there exist some older citizens who are too old or disabled and cannot walk thus disregard exercise programs. For some, even standing is a significant problem. A question therefore arises, can senior citizens who are in a wheelchair still do workouts?

It is typical for any individual despite their age to get excited when it comes to starting a new exercise program. However, this can be a recipe for failure especially for senior adults as inactive bodies require some time to adjust to movement again. Overdoing a new fitness regimen can not only cause burnout but also bring about injuries which affect a person’s mobility. If this happens, the chances of the senior's mental state being effect are high. It is necessary that older adults avoid undertaking too many workouts at once and start slowly with their limited mobility programs. Physicians argue that small changes can go a long way in developing a foundation for significant changes that can be incurred with time. Before undertaking any new workout program, older adults need to first check-in with their healthcare providers who might help offer guiltiness on how to get started.

Your exercise regimen should entail one activity that you can do anywhere as this means that even if you travel for a vacation or business trip, you can still undertake the activity without any difficulties. By doing so, you will have increased your stamina and achieve your intended goal. You can also opt to find an exercise partner or enroll in an organization that facilitates exercise activity. Having a partner, you can exercise with will help keep you motivated and energized thus increasing your stamina. Despite everything you decide to do, have fun while undertaking your workout training as this will play a vital role in improving your endurance.


By Barbara Ann Ailstock

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