Exercises suitable for seniors with limited mobility

Exercises suitable for seniors with limited mobility

Exercises suitable for seniors with limited mobility

Embracing the fact that you are living with limited mobility can be very challenging if you were once an active person who loved exercising, sports and working out. Despite all these, it’s essential to remain active and work properly to ensure you enjoy your fruits during your prime years. Thankfully, there are various exercises an individual can undertake to keep one's fitness level up despite having limited mobility. Below are some of the activities that an older adult with limited mobility can take and still live a healthy lifestyle.

Chair exercises

Are you aware that you are in apposition of working out your upper body, your core and your lower body while still seated on a chair? Yes, this is possible and practical at the same time. There exist various chair exercises than an older adult can practice on either daily or weekly basis depending on one’s preference. These exercises are bound to keep you fit and healthy at the same time while safeguarding your golden years regardless of you struggling with limited mobility. Some of the exercises present in this category are simple and aim at crucial areas of a person’s body. What makes the chair exercises effective is that a person can use what is around to do exercises and remain healthy. For instance, you can use water bottles to act as weights. While holding one bottle in each hand, you go ahead and raise your arms above your head, and this exercise targets your shoulders and upper back. Moreover, you can use makeshifts weights to help with bicep curls as well us work out your upper body.

Apart from the upper body, the lower body can also be exercised while a person is still sitting down. For this to work, it's essential that you hold on tight to the arms of the chair to help with stability as well as balance. Later, flex all your feet and begin raising your legs up and down in a deliberate motion. If possible try to exercise without holding onto anything. After a few exercises and you feel strong enough, you can add ankle weights to add some resistance that will help in making your lower legs string.

Low-impact aerobics

Another option that seniors suffering from limited mobility can opt for is the low-impact aerobics. This type of exercise is known to keep your cardiovascular health intact without putting too much pressure on your bones and joints. An individual can opt to work out in a pool which is not only fun but also a great way to acquire a total body workout. This can be achieved by an individual going into the pool and take walk laps in water that is nearly chest height. With such levels of water, no pressure will be placed on a person’s joints. While walking, it’s essential that one moves the arms to help in exercising the upper body. If by any chance the less is too weak and cannot facilitate the walk, a senior person can sit on a flotation gadget and use the hand to propel oneself forward. With that, a person is bound to feel the burn after a while. If you aim to target the lower body, you can use the feet to kick your way across the pool. However, this can only be effective if your legs are straight and you're using the entire leg.



Written by Barbara Ailstock

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