Exercises you can undertake despite old age

Exercises you can undertake despite old age

Exercises you can undertake despite old age

For individuals who are 60 years and above, regular workouts and physical activity are essential if they want to increase their life expectancy. Through these workouts, a senior can build his/her endurance, reduce the risks of falling and enhance one’s strength and balance. Moreover, regular exercise helps reduce the risk of senior developing arthritis as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes. However, due to the delicate nature of the elderly, it essential that a senior make an appointment first with the family doctor before undertaking any new exercise program to help ascertain if the physical condition of the senior will handle the workouts. Many of the elderly exercise programs entail;

tummy twist

This type of exercise was formulated to help in working the core muscles and can only be done if the older adult is sitting in a good posture. The individual is required to hold a ball using both his/her hands while the elbows are bent. Slowly, the older adult is to move the torso to the left comfortably while ensuring the rest of the body is still. Later, the torso is to be rotated back to the middle and moved to the right. One set consists of two twists and beginners are required to undertake eight sets each.

arm raises

The core objective of this type of exercise is to strengthen the shoulders as well as arms. It begins with an older adult sitting in a sturdy, armless chair and both his/her hand contains 1-pound weights. While the feet are flat on the floor and the back if straight, the older adult bends his/her arms slowly and raises the masses above the head. Before lowering them he/she should pause for a while and then lower. This procedure is to be repeated nearly eight to ten times.

Balance workouts

For older citizens, balance exercises have been known to reduce the risk of falls which can bring about adverse effects on a senior. Moreover, these exercises help improve a person’s posture as well as his/her body mechanisms. One type of exercises that you can undertake as a senior citizen under the category of balance exercise includes standing on one foot. You can also opt to walk heel to toe while placing your heel in front of your toes of the opposite foot.

It is vital for senior adults to move their muscles and this can be done through strength workouts. It is highly advisable for seniors to execute strength workouts at least twice in one week as it helps in maintaining their bone density and their muscular strength. For this type of workout, you can use body weights, dumbbells (elastic resistance) or any other resistance equipment. It is vital for any individual executing strength exercises to be in a position of identifying enough exercises to make sure all core muscle groups present in the body are targeted. Always ensure that the interval length between one workout and another give you ample time to finish at least fifteen repetitions of all strength exercises. In an instance where time is a factor, you can go ahead and choose workouts that focus on more than one muscle group.

No matter the program you decide to choose, always remember to start it slow if you aim at achieving your end goal. There exist numerous applications you can choose from so the next time you think of staying at home and doing nothing, remember physical activity is compulsory if you want a healthy life.


By Barbara Ann Ailstock

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