Exploring the Semi Sumo Deadlift

Most powerlifters use either the conventional stance for deadlift or the sumo stance. The sumo stance often allows for a greater pull since the lifter has a shorter range of motion to move the weight through. It is harder to get the weight off the floor, but it is easier to reach full lockout. There are some issues with it, however, because you are in a weaker starting position.

The semi sumo deadlift fixes some of that issue because it helps people to keep their back in alignment throughout the lift. One issue that powerlifters face with the deadlift is that it is too easy to round your back, and this can put excessive force on the back as you begin the pull. The semi sumo stance offers a good, open knee angle while still retaining a straight back.

Semu sumo is also known as modified sumo. It is a good starting point for people who like to squat with a wide stance, and also for people who have long arms and legs. The pulling motion is more like that of a conventional stance, too, which means that it is easier for people to transfer over to this stance from conventional, instead of having to learn a whole new movement.

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