Exploring the Sumo Romanian Deadlift

There are so many different stances and pulling philosophies now for the deadlift that it can be hard for an intermediate lifter to know how to get the best out of their lifts. One stance that rarely gets discussed is the sumo Romanian deadlift.

The sumo deadlift variation uses a wider stance than the conventional deadlift, with the toes turned out and the lift coming from hinging at the knees instead of the hip. This offers more quad engagement and less stress on the lower back. The Romanian deadlift involves taking a narrower stance, and puts more emphasis on the hamstrings and hips.

The sumo Romanian deadlift is a variation of those lifts which uses a slightly wider stance with the feet turned out. The lifter takes a double overhand grip, with the same placement as for a sumo deadlift. They then pull the bar up off the floor using the hip hinge that you would use for a Romanian deadlift, instead of using the quad and knees as you would with a Sumo deadlift.

When performed correctly, this lift offers good glute engagement and allows you to pull a significant amount of weight without putting undue stress on your back.

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