Factors to consider regarding fitness program for seniors

Factors to consider regarding fitness program for seniors

In one instance, I remember asking my doctor what he thinks the best fitness program if for seniors above fifty years. He answered, “The best fitness program is the one an individual will stick with.” Though confusing, this answer is accurate as despite how much time an individual spends in a training program or how efficient the plan is, if is of no good if a person cannot stick to it. Thus a question arises, how does one find a suitable program that suits his/her preference? Identifying a proper fitness program is primarily determined by how willing you are to stick to the schedule. Below are some of the factors that have been identified by health experts to affect your willingness to adhere to the fitness program.


Before deciding which fitness program to enroll, first examine your expectations. What if your end goal from the program? If your expectations are too high, chances of your failing are high. The best thing an individual can do is to start slowly and as time goes by, begin building towards your objective. For instance, if your program entails walking, you can start by walking one block and as time pass, increase your walk coverage. It’s better to start slow and sure than to start fast and later fail. If your expectation does not fit your end objective, it will become difficult for you to adhere to the fitness program regardless of how willing you are.


Attitude has always been known to determine how a person reacts to something either positively or negatively. Identifying an understanding why you aim at enrolling in a fitness program is as important as starting the program. For instance, if you are occasionally sick and you’re now tired of the sickness and decide to enroll in a fitness program, then you have the right attitude. However, if you're aiming at getting fit with the aim of impressing other people or your exercising just because others are doing so, the chances of you failing are high as you have a negative attitude.


For seniors, it is essential to choose a fitness program that is in line with your physical skills. For instance, if by any chance you have medical complications that prohibit undertaking specific activities, it is vital you eliminate these activities from the program. Health complications do determine the type of events you will conduct thus should be considered. If by any chance you have had a knee/hip replacement, running might be out of the picture, but walking can be an excellent alternative. If you have limited mobility or you use a wheelchair, you can search for fitness programs that fit your physical abilities. By doing so, it will be easier for you to achieve an active lifestyle and general wellness.

Despite the fitness program you decide to enroll, always keep track of your progress. You can place a chart on your bedside or refrigerator that helps you keep track of how you’re doing. Always keep yourself motivated as by doing so, you will be in a position of achieving your set objectives.



-Written by Barbara Ailstock

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