Facts about elderly training

Facts about elderly training

Facts about elderly training

Physical fitness is known to help in strengthening a person’s body. Apart from enhancing the muscles, physical activity is known to improve a person’s body thus reducing the chances of fractures. When a person gets older the risk of him/her falling increases and with the help of physical activity, the risk of falling is highly reduced as a person’s balance and stability are improved. As people age, their metabolism slows down due to the loss of muscle tissue. However, this can be combated with the help of resistance training. It is recommended that an older adult undertakes strength training approximately two days every week, but over time a person can add more sets. Some of the strength training a senior can take include biceps curls, wall pushups, chest presses or lateral raises. Most of these exercises can be undertaken with the help of a resistance band or when one is sitting on a chair which makes them convenient for a senior.

Physical exercises can be fun, and its benefits are worth the sacrifice. Regardless of a person’s age or physical condition, physical exercise can be beneficial as its reward doesn’t need strenuous workouts or numerous trips to the gym. All it requires is a person adding more movement as well as an activity in his/her life in small ways. Physicians have noticed that nearly half of the physical decline that comes with ageing is due to a decline in physical activity. Without proper workouts, older individuals from the age of fifty are bound to experience a variety of health problems. These problems include reduced balance, reduced respiratory function, increased blood pressure, minimal joint flexibility, increased risk of diseases such as stroke and increased body fats.

Many older people dislike exercising around other people as it develops a feeling of anxiety as well as self-consciousness. Sadly, this negative attitude can result in depression, health complications and a decrease in activity level. This is not good for the elderly as workouts do help in keeping the healthy and increasing their lifespan. Despite all these, there is still some good news for the seniors. It is not compulsory for a person to attend fitness classes or even go to the gym daily for them to stay active. Workouts are vital to maintaining a physical, mental and emotional balance but that doesn’t denote that an individual needs to visit the gym every day. A person can still be healthy and physically fit by working out in a space which one is comfortable with such as one’s home. There exist various low-stressing and straightforward exercises that an older adult can undertake at home and help him/her stay healthy

At all times, always make sure your body is relaxed and relived before beginning your workout. Stretching can be one way to keep your body relaxed and wormed up or taking a walk. When you start feeling strong, you can increase the time you spend to ease your body. If you had opted for walking, you begin walking for more extended periods or start walking faster. If its bicycling, you can invite friends to keep the activity exciting or cycle for a longer distance. Whatever action you opt to choose, always remember to work with consistency as this will help in keeping you involved in the fitness program for a more extended period thus enable you to attain your goal.


By Barbara Ann Ailstock

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