Exercises for Seniors to Improve Strength and Balance

Exercises for Seniors to Improve Strength and Balance

Exercises for Seniors to Improve Strength and Balance

Regular exercises are an essential aspect of every human being regardless of one’s age or status in life. Living a healthy lifestyle is compulsory if you want to live long enough to see you grandchildren and your great-grandchildren. Exercise has been known to help avert various health issues related to old age such as obesity or heart diseases. A stronger body only means that you get to live an independent lifestyle without depending on other people to do things for you. When it comes to seniors maintaining a healthy lifestyle through working out, various categories need to be incorporated into one’s lifestyle. They include strength and endurance. A mixture of these categories will assist any senior individual despite him/her having limited mobility remain healthy and protect them from any injury. Health experts recommend that older adults receive at least one fifty minutes of endurance exercises and at least two strengthening sessions every week.



People tend to believe that for you to remain and stay fit, you have to hit the gym daily. This is not the case as one can download apps that offer customised workouts that can be done anywhere depending on one’s preference. Any senior, even he/she suffers from limited mobility, can be able to develop low-impact workout programs while at home through combining the following type of exercises.


Many seniors might end up disregarding strength exercises because they think it refers to lifting and using heavy weights. This is not the case as strength exercises can even use dumbbells and still offer positive results. This is possible due to the resistance being incurred from your body weight. This type of training is recommended by health experts be initiated at least twice or thrice a week in a thirty-minute session. The rest of the days are left for the muscle groups to recuperate. Over time, an individual can be using lightweight or resistance bands once the muscles begin getting stronger. With the help of these exercises, an older adult can still undertake his/her everyday task with ease. Moreover, the metabolism is boosted, and bones strengthened.

Fortitude/ cardio exercises

Endurance exercises play a crucial role such as in lowering a person’s blood pressure, speeding up metabolism and improving the hearts condition. For individuals who are starting to incorporate this type of exercise, it is best if you begin slowly and with time, add more time. The entire objective of this type of exercise is to increase a person’s heart rate as well as breathing without putting too much pressure on the body. If by any chance you begin feeling dizzy, pain or get out of breath, it means you’re putting too much pressure on your body and thus you ought to slow down for your body to recover. Seniors are always advised to use at least one fifty minutes of cardio exercises every week. Moderate endurance exercises such as swimming are highly recommended for beginners, but a person can undertake vigorous exercises such as jogging with the doctor’s permission.

Regardless of which type of exercise you opt for, always remember to stretch. Stretching is essential as it will help warm up your body and cools it down after a workout. Always stretch before and after an exercise to ascertain that your body is in good shape and maintain healthy joints.



Written by Barbara Ailstock


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