Fitness exercises for senior citizens

Fitness exercises for senior citizens

Age is never an excuse for you to stop exercising. Yes, it becomes more challenging to undertake fitness exercises but that doesn’t mean you stop exercising. The older population has been known to complain of joint pains, limited mobility as well as balance complications. Despite all these issues associated with old age, health experts do recommend that senior citizens exercise often due to the numerous benefits brought about by exercising such as management of chronic ailments, improves self-confidence and reduce the risk of falling. Long-term exercise has been known to enhance a person’s strength and bone density despite the age. Any individual can benefit from lifting weights but health experts argue that older citizens do reap more benefits. By doing so, a senior person is guaranteed of having a healthier body which means minimal injuries, pain, falls and health complications. Older adults ought to do a sixty-minute workout everyday if they want to have an active and healthy body. Some of the exercises older adults can indulge in include;

Water exercises

This type of exercise is effective and efficient for older adults as it is easier on their joints and is fun. Moreover, it doesn’t need similar level balance as exercises done on hard surfaces and this makes it more effective for older adults. Most people tend to assume that for you to undertake this exercise; you need to know how to swim. However, this is not the case as most of the exercises conducted in water are between a person’s waist and chest deep. What makes this workout more effective is the fact that water adds resistance thus helps burn more calories and provides muscle challenge. Walking in deep water has been recommended by health experts as it offers more resistance as compared to shallow water.

Seated workouts

Seniors having balance problems or strength complications can still get a good workout without standing. This has been made possible through the seated exercises which are performed when a person is always sited. Moreover, you accomplish strength training and stretching through using a resistance band while working out. Still, you can incorporate weights to your ankles or wrists if you aim at intensifying your strength training. There exist numerous videos that can be used to help assist in explaining how to do seated exercises such as aerobics or stretching. Moreover, the videos can also be used for motivation. When performing this type of exercises, always remember to pull your abdominal muscles and at all times sit upright.

Senior center initiatives

Numerous senior centers have been known to organize exercise programs that aim at helping older citizens. In most instances, the group is overrun by an individual who is highly experienced in teaching the elderly how to exercise. These groups may decide to organize regular walks, and in doing so, a person not only exercises but also socializes with others. These senior centers are of great importance as they ensure an older adult can exercise with ease without feeling left out. They offer services that aim at helping senior citizens live long and healthy to see their next generation. So the next time you come across a senior center program, don’t be afraid to enroll as its sole purpose is to help increase your longevity.


-Written by Barbara Ailstock

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