Flexible and Strength Training Myths

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Flexible and Strength Training Myths


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A lot of strength training individuals are very flexible due to the functionality of the exercise being performed.  Such as an Olympic Lifter needs to have loose hips, and calves to be able to get under the bar in a snatch. While still being strong. There are a lot of myths that give weight training and flexibility a bad rep. 


  • Weight training reduces your range of motion.
  • Flexibility can reduce a person’s strength.
  • Increase in muscle size will reduce flexibility.


  • Full range of motion exercises will not reduce your range of motion.
  • Studies have shown when doing static stretches a person’s strength shortly after can be reduced. The strength will eventually come back.
  • If you don’t stretch, increase your muscle size, don’t do a full range of motion movements, you will not increase your flexibility.

The bottom line is your weight lifting programming should include a full range of motion exercises and stretch. 

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