Following The Prilepin's Chart

Following The Prilepin's Chart

Imagine heading to the gym and grabbing the heaviest possible weight right away.

This happens all the time and in many cases, the person ends up injured and/or doesn't complete the repetitions correctly. If you want to avoid these issues but still want to develop muscle then it is time to focus on following the Prilepin's chart to the best of your ability. This chart has helped thousands of powerlifters and weightlifters because it works to a tee.

What is the idea behind using this chart?

The goal of this chart is to establish a set routine that can be followed for each session. For example, on day one you will be lifting approximately 50-60% of your one rep max and it is going to grow higher and higher with each session. This is done for a number of reasons because your body will need to get competent with lifting lesser weights before it can go after your one rep max again.

This is where the Prilepin's chart is able to make a noteworthy difference and is able to help with progress in a way that's otherwise near impossible for lifters.

Keep this chart in handy and watch as it changes things for the better.


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