Guide on the Cambered Barbell

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Guide on the Cambered Barbell


Specialized Barbells can go a long way in lifting heavier, faster, and safer than ever before. Experts often mention the inclusion of buffalo barbell (Mega Bar), Duffalo Bar, Bison Bar, Bow Bar, or Ader Mega Ox Barbell into one's routine because of their underrated advantages.


Here's a look at what the buffalo cambered bar is all about, key exercises, and whether or not it's a good option.


Buffalo Cambered Bar Barbell Exercises


1) Squats


This is one of the most common exercises done with the help of a buffalo barbell. Most people get the bar for this exact purpose as it distributes weight evenly and is great on the back. It's important to understand how the weight is distributed before beginning. To do this, start with a lightweight and go through the range of motion as precisely as possible. The goal is to see how the range of motion works and whether or not there are potential kinks to work out before going through a proper set.


This is a key step with any new piece of equipment including a buffalo cambered bar.


This bar is ideal for squats as it makes the process easier. The weight tends to sit lower on the sides making sure it doesn't put as much pressure on the shoulder joints. This alone makes it easier for those lifting heavier weights. You don't want to get injured and it makes sense to keep the weight as low as possible while going down through the range of motion.


This is what the bar is able to provide and it can add up over the long-term.


2) Cambered Bench Press


Working on the chest means cracking out the bench press. With this in mind, most people are going to head over to the traditional bar as they go through the range of motion.


Yes, the traditional bar is useful but a buffalo cambered bar adds value to any bench press. You are able to bring the bar lower as the weights don't get in the way.


By altering the bar path, the bench press is able to add more value to the movement each repetition. This is how you are able to activate a higher amount of muscle fibers without losing out on potential gains.


3) Front Squat


Along with the traditional squat, you are also going to have the opportunity to work on the front squat. This is when the bar sits in front of the body as you go down into a squatting motion.


Since the buffalo cambered bar has a slight curve, the weights will sit lower to the side. This is ideal for a front squat as many people complain about getting out of balance. Instead of losing your balance, the buffalo barbell keeps you heading in the right direction. This is beneficial for those who have troubles with the front squat and want to learn it the right way.



4) Overhead Press


For those looking to work on their shoulders, it might be time to go ahead with the overhead press. Just like the squat, this is an ideal bar for overhead presses because of how the weight sits during the range of motion. Instead of sitting right beside the shoulder joint, it sits lower and that takes away pressure from that specific part of the body.


Instead, you are able to focus on pushing the weight upwards without having to worry about impingement.


This alone makes it one of the more beneficial options for this particular exercise. You are able to do more reps and not have to worry about getting injured due to awkward weight distribution.




1) Arms


* Bicep Curls (3 x 10 Reps)

* Triceps Extensions (3  x 10 Reps)

* Close Grip Curls (3 x 10 Reps)

* Overhead Press (3 x 10 Reps)


2) Chest


* Bench Press (3 x 10 Reps)

* Close Grip Bench Press (3 x 10 Reps)

* Wide Grip Bench Press (3 x 10 Reps)

* Incline Bench Press (3 x 10 Reps)

* Decline Bench Press (3 x 10 Reps)


3) Back


* Deadlifts (3 x 10 Reps)

* One Arm Rows (3 x 10 Reps)

* Shrugs (3 x 10 Reps)


4) Legs


* Back Squats (3 x 10 Reps)

* Front Squats (3 x 10 Reps)

* Lunges (3 x 10 Reps)

* Calf Raises (3 x 10 Reps)


The sets and repetitions can be personalized based on your workout program and goals.


Benefits of Buffalo Cambered Bar Exercises 


1) Reduced Stress on Joints


A considerable amount of stress is put on your joints with the use of a traditional bar. With movements such as the bench press and deadlift, many people complain about stress on their shoulder joints and how much force is exerted during the "pushing" motion. With this in mind, it makes sense to implement corrective measures to ensure the problem goes away. While there are ways to rectify one's form with a traditional bar, many find it to be challenging and/or confusing.


To avoid being confused, it's best to incorporate a solution such as a cambered bar.


This bar is specifically designed to reduce stress on the joints and make sure the weight is distributed appropriately. Making a simple change such as this can be a game-changer for those spending time at the gym. This is a unique bar that is powerful, easy to manage, and does a tremendous job of eliminating stress on the joints. Over time, this increases power and also ensures people feel confident as the weight starts going up.


2) Greater Range of Motion


This is one of the biggest advantages associated with a buffalo cambered bar and why it's heralded by professionals worldwide. In general, your range of motion is restricted with a traditional bar and there's only so much a person can do. In such cases, you end up doing additional work on the same muscles in order to hit them from different angles. However, a buffalo cambered bar is able to add value to your workout because of the slight curve.


There is an increased range of motion as the bar goes down and this is essential for movements such as the squat and bench press to name a few.


3) Ideal for Higher Repetitions


Are you thinking about lifting lighter weights for more repetitions?


Traditional bars are okay when it comes to lifting heavier weights but lower repetitions can put a tremendous amount of stress on the joints. Instead of allowing the stress to get in your way, it's better to make use of a solution such as this.


A buffalo cambered bar is ideal because it allows you to lift more and feel good while doing it.


4) Easier to Overload


If the workout program requires overloading at different points then it's time to bring out a buffalo cambered bar. This is one of the best tools available at the gym when it is time to lift heavy.


In fact, it works well for higher repetitions and it also works well for heavier loads.


This has everything to do with how the weight sits during the range of motion and where the pressure is felt. You are able to do more with less and that's empowering over the long-term.


5) Unique Angles


You are able to hit unique angles and for most people that is a major plus point. Traditional bars can start to get boring and not exert as much pressure on the body as necessary. This is a huge negative for those troubled by plateaus in their workout regimen. You want something that is going to keep the weights going up without seeing a deterioration in form.


For those serious about lifting heavier weights, it's time to think about incorporating a quality  bison bar. This is the one way to make sure your muscles are hit from different angles one by one.


Over time, you will start to notice a change in how the muscles grow and how your body develops strength. The muscles are going to be challenged by this bar and that's what it's all about while lifting weights. You want something that is going to take you to the next level and that's what this bar provides. It's one of the most respected solutions in the gym because of its ability to help break through plateaus. If you are stuck in the same spot, it might be time to break out the buffalo cambered bar.


Final Thoughts


The buffalo cambered bar is an exceptional tool to have at your disposal. It's easy to use, functional and offers an increased range of motion that's impossible to find anywhere else. Too many people end up dealing with stress injuries and/or reduced range of motion because of their equipment.


While traditional bars have a purpose in your routine, it's important to incorporate a bar such as this into your routine.


This bar is ideal for those looking to mix things up as they go through a workout. Many professionals change between bars as they go through a workout routine in order to maximize efficiency.

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