Hire a Stripper to Repair a Rotator Cuff Injury

Hire a Stripper to Repair a Rotator Cuff Injury


Chiropractic Muscle Stripping for a Rotator Cuff Injury

A lot of rotator cuff injuries (not tears) can be corrected with a simple technique. The standard method is to go to a physical therapist to perform some rotator cuff specific exercise. These exercises will help build strength and power.

In your deltoid, there are a group of major and minor muscles. The minor muscles can start to do the major muscles job, and major muscles will start to work like minor muscles. A muscle stripper can correct this condition.

  • Stripper – A stripper is a person that can perform muscle stripping. A chiropractor normally performs this.
  • Diagnose – The practitioner will normally give you an x-ray to make sure this process is correct for you. Then they find the range of motion that is causing the pain.
  • Therapy – After he finds the movement that is causing the pain the chiropractor will start stripping the muscle with some archaic devices while you are going through the painful range of motion.
  • Timeline - The injury normal can be corrected over a period of weeks.
Muscle Stripping can be used to correct many muscle injuries. So, if you have a muscle injury that no one can diagnose the cause go to a stripper for the repair

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