How To Choose The Right Walking Shoes For Your Feet

How To Choose The Right Walking Shoes For Your Feet


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How To Choose The Right Walking Shoes For Your Feet


Your feet endure the most wear and tear compared to any other area of the body.  You use your feet everyday for almost every task.  Your feet help you get from one place to other, and they help you exercise.

Exercise is a preventive measure to ensure better chances of good overall health.  You do not have to do extreme workouts as exercise.  A good rule is 20 minutes of walking every day.  Walking has many benefits such as improving your heart and lung health, reducing your risk of stroke, and prolonging your life. 

With all the great benefits of walking, it is important to have the right walking shoes so that you do not have foot pain that could result in a restriction of walking and other activities.  The right walking shoes will not only prevent pain, but they will also prevent injury.

The right shoe for you depends on several factors such as the structure of your foot and the structure of the shoe.  A big indicator in regard to your foot is the middle arch area.  Some people are flat footed and if you are flat footed, meaning that you do not have much of an arch at all, need a shoe that has a supported sole.  Simple looking at your foot from a side view will instantly tell you if you have flat feet.

Or, you could have the opposite of flat feet which is pes cavus, or simply a high arch.  This is also easy to tell by looking at your foot from the side view.  If you have high arches, you will need extra supported shoes and possibly insoles to support the foot properly to avoid any foot pain. 

This is where the structure of the shoe is important.   The structure of the shoe must match the needs of the structure of your feet.  Now, choosing a shoe can seem very overwhelming because there are thousands of shoes to choose from.  However, you can use a shoe comparison site to make your choice a lot easier.  It is essentially a shoe database that provides all the details of the shoe and has reviews of the pros and cons of each shoe from experts and everyday people.  However, I do not advise buying shoes online.  Shoe databases are simply for you to get an idea of the shoe.  You should physically go into the store to see how the shoe fits and how it makes your feet feel.  According to a Harvard Medical School study, your feet naturally expand throughout the day so it is advised to go shopping in the afternoon to get the best overall fit.

Without the proper fitting, supportive shoe, you are at risk for more than just foot pain.  It is important to note that there is a difference between walking shoes and running shoes.  Structurally the shoes are different and that does matter.  Hence, keep in mind the type of activity you will be doing.  The right shoe will protect your feet and avoid foot pain and many other health problems.

By Kirstin Chock

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