Tips to Help Your Workout Effectiveness

Tips to Help Your Workout Effectiveness




It´s 5 am, and I am in the gym. I’m tossing heavy things around while combining interspersed jogging on the treadmill. On days I am not in the gym, I hit the pool, but I am still not seeing the results I want. Rather than continue working hard with this random regimen, I decided to get specific. I turned to research and found the regimen that best suited my goals. From then on, my workout was changed. If you aren’t getting what you want out of your workout regimen, using these two formats may help you get what you want.






To see the results you want in the gym, it helps to first define your personal goals, and then, tailor your work-outs to those goals. Broadly speaking, there are two goals: Change body composition or improve performance. Once you choose your goal, the next step is to find the workout routine that is best suited for your goals.






If you choose to change your body composition, according to Arroyo-Toledo, there should be a primary focus on aerobic exercise at the beginning of your regimen (about four weeks). The next three weeks of your regimen should consist of High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. The ordering of your training will positively change your body composition and help you achieve your goals.






If your goal is to improve performance (i.e. run farther, throw harder, swim faster), the second regimen program Arroyo-Toledo proposes will be best for your goals. The first four weeks start with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and are followed that with three week of aerobic work. This format proved to increase competitive performance.






In all, it is beneficial to get specific with your workout regimen. It is important to choose a workout that supports your specific goals rather than walking aimlessly into the gym at 5 am every morning begging the workout gods to make some magic happen. There are two different approaches to your workout format that can help you achieve your goals.






Written by Michelle Gean






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