How to increase your workout stamina as a senior

How to increase your workout stamina as a senior

For so long, seniors have been advised to frequently workout due to the numerous benefits that come with working out. Working out has been known to increase a person lifespan, prevent various medical complications and help seniors live a better and healthier life. However, for a sedentary person to begin working out and stick to the program an increase in stamina is vital. For senior citizens this might be a challenge due to their frail bodies but here are some of the ways one can increase their endurance despite being old and having a weak body.

The first step entails beginning your workout program slowly and steadily with the aim of getting physically fit. According to fitness experts, there exist various things that can hinder or get in the way of how you exercise and that is why it is recommended you are well acquainted if the changes your experiences in your life such as your health are being caused by your workout program or by other health complications. For an exercise to be deemed fit and useful it must contain three factors namely extent, passion, and frequency. These three factors have to be well spread within your workout regimen, and if by any chance you get too much of one, the entire program will be jeopardized. Before beginning your training, always check with your doctor to help determine how much of these factors you're good with. When you do start your training, don’t move too fast. For instance, if you opt to start your exercise by walking, you can begin walking for five minutes and steadily increase your time limit to twenty or half an hour. By doing this, your muscles get an opportunity to acclimate to the new level of activity your body is undertaking thus no complications experienced.

The second way you can improve your stamina is by working with your present health issues. For instance, if by any chance you have a hip replacement recently; marathons will not be a good fit for you. Seniors are always advised to discuss with their health experts on what works well with their current health. Additionally, it’s important to choose activities that you like as this will make the entire experience worthwhile. If you begin forcing yourself on activities that you don’t like, it will be hard for you to attain your intended goal. Moreover, it will do you no good, and the chances of you dropping from the program are high. Your exercise regimen should entail one activity that you can do anywhere as this means that even if you travel for a vacation or business trip, you can still undertake the activity without any difficulties. By doing so, you will have increased your stamina and achieve your intended goal. You can also opt to find an exercise partner or enroll in an organization that facilitates exercise activity. Having a partner, you can exercise with will help keep you motivated and energized thus increasing your stamina. Despite everything you decide to do, have fun while undertaking your workout training as this will play a vital role in improving your endurance.


-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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