How To Use Prilepin's Chart For Powerlifting

How To Use Prilepin's Chart For Powerlifting

If you're serious about weight lifting, you should take time to learn how train the right way. Ideally, you should be able to obtain maximum of results with minimum of bodily injuries. Training too hard won't lead to the expected results if you don't know when to push and when to relax. Prilepin's chart for powerlifting is perhaps the best tool that can help you train like Olympic athletes. This chart tells you the optimal number of reps per set, in correlation with the intensity of your power lifts.

Before applying this chart to your training sessions, you should take time to understand how it was created. This should allow you to choose the most effective training routines to reach your personal objectives in terms of weightlifting. Beware, though, the chart doesn't contain any indication of age or frequency of training sessions. While it can help you along the way, you should make sure that you adjust it to match your specific situation and your own objectives. If, for instance, hypertrophy and strength development are your main goals, using Prilepin's chart to design your training sessions may not be the best idea ever. If, on the contrary, you want Olympic lifts training, this chart will do wonders for your progress.

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