Introduction to the Sumo Deadlifts

Introduction to the Sumo Deadlift

For weightlifters, there are two basic stances to use whether lifting weights in practice or in competitions. The Sumo deadlift is one of them. It is a variation on the conventional deadlift. The benefits of each are clearly different but the advantages of using one over the other are similar. Sumo tends to get criticism but there is little proof that it is completely inferior to the traditional stance.

The Sumo stance is distinguished by where the feet and hands are placed. If the lifter grips the bar with his hands inside his legs and reaches he looks like he is assuming a position not unlike a Sumo wrestler. This position puts about the same stress on the back muscles as the conventional lift does, so, while it looks different, it does not cause more stress or provide more safety.

It is also not a cheat like some critics call it simply because there is a short range of motion. It is not easier to do just because the hands are closer together, either. When doing the sumo, be sure to brace your core. This helps build ab strength. The lift also works your glutes, your quads and your hamstrings.

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