Is It Safe For Beginners To Follow Prilepin's Chart?

Is It Safe For Beginners To Follow Prilepin's Chart?

Those who are new to powerlifting certainly understand the benefits and advantages of participating in it. Having leaner muscle mass makes a person stronger and more fit. This reduces the stress and weight that their bones have to carry, allowing them a chance to heal and even get stronger. Testosterone levels are higher. Powerlifters have more energy and are more fit, and they have a confidence in themselves that carries over to nearly every other area of life. This category of athletes enjoy better sex lives and not only live longer, but better.

Still, if you're just starting out in powerlifting, how do you know how many reps to do, what exercises, and with what weights? Many might point you in the direction of Prilepin's chart, and it can be a useful starting point. Still, take it with a grain of salt.

The chart is now decades old, and athletic science and fitness medicine have both moved ahead quite a bit since then. At the very least, consult your physician or doctor for their input and opinion. You might be tired of hearing how you need to check in with them before starting any new exercise regimen, but it really is for your protection.

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