Is It Worth Using Prilepin's Chart In Excel Format?

Is It Worth Using Prilepin's Chart In Excel Format?

If you're a serious powerlifter, then you might have become a believer in Prilepin's chart. It's helped so many before you ramp up their own reps and sets to better health and physique, that you've followed suit. Follow it long enough, and you become a believer too.

You might wonder if it's worth using it in an Excel format. Doing so would let you spreadsheet your work with the weights over many days, weeks, months, and perhaps even years. It's hard to remember how well you did three days ago, much less last year, and yet serious progress in powerlifting is a journey of a lifetime.

Putting your data into any kind of spreadsheet can make sense as it lets you keep meticulous records. You don't have to flip through papers or commit so many numbers to memory. It's a chance to get encouragement about how far you've already come and also the chance to check in anytime and see where you are on the charts so you know you're keeping track.

Given all the fitness gadgets and gurus available these days, it's easy to get data you can download into a spreadsheet. For that matter, you can just film your workouts on your phone and count things manually later. That's also a chance to see your technique from an objective angle and be sure you're doing your lifts right.

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