What are the Benefits of a Kettlebell Specific Workout?

What are the Benefits of a Kettlebell Specific Workout?

What are the Benefits of a Kettlebell Specific Workout?


If you have maintained your dumbbell and barbell routine despite the recent rise in popularity of kettlebells, you may find yourself wondering why so many people have made the switch. There are many benefits to using kettlebells that have contributed to their popularity among fitness experts and casual weightlifters alike.


Movement Variation and Efficiency


Kettlebell training combines strength and endurance work in one, and can give you the same effect of training with barbells or dumbbells in less time. Traditional weightlifting targets specific muscles in isolation from others. This means a total body workout can take over an hour to complete. Kettlebells can give you an amazing workout in 30 minutes or less, giving you more time in your day to dedicate to your priorities.


Since kettlebells build strength in conjunction with high-intensity interval training, you’re able to do a shorter workout that is just as physically demanding, if not more so, than traditional dumbbell or barbell training. The ability to use kettlebells for anything you’d use a barbell or dumbbell for plus movements that are unique to the kettlebell means you have endless possibilities for workouts so your routine doesn’t become stagnant. Whether you’re looking to combine compound movements or specifically target stabilizer and smaller muscle groups, kettlebells are incredibly efficient tools to accomplish your goals.  


Shoulder Stability


Kettlebells are especially useful for strengthening the shoulder and the surrounding musculature. There are tons of success stories of people who rehabilitated their shoulders post-injury using kettlebells (be sure to consult a medical professional before doing so). With such a wide variety of overhead and straight arm lifts, kettlebell training is great for developing shoulder stability, which is a prerequisite for building greater shoulder strength. The Turkish get up in particular is a key exercise to build shoulder stability while requiring total body engagement.


Increased Cardiovascular Endurance


Kettlebell training is high-intensity, holistic, and dynamic. Power movements such as swings, cleans, and snatches can be completed in high-repetition sets to build cardiovascular endurance and yield an enormous calorie burn – on par with running on a treadmill at high speed. Unlike a treadmill, however, you will build lean muscle mass at the same time. Training with barbells and dumbbells doesn’t typically require as much strength-endurance, and thus does not yield the same results.


Build Monster Grip Strength


The handle of a kettlebell is wider than that of a dumbbell, which requires higher levels of grip strength. Tendons in the fingers are not forced to work as hard if they can fully wrap around the handle and place the burden of lifting the weight on the hand itself. The thicker handle of the kettlebell requires more tendon strength to grip, which develops the fingers and leads to overall higher grip strength. Wrist and forearm strength are easy to develop using kettlebells, as they are engaged in practically every kettlebell lift you can think of. Bottoms up exercises in particular develop immense grip strength and control.


Durability and Accessibility


Two practical benefits of kettlebells that shouldn’t be overlooked are their durability and accessibility. Quality kettlebells are made to withstand rusting and chipping, and to last a lifetime. You’ll likely have to invest up front to obtain a high-quality piece of equipment, but that same kettlebell should last forever, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Kettlebells can be used in a wide variety of versatile movements that would normally require a large collection of dumbbells. This means you can do almost any workout you’d like using just a couple kettlebells. Since kettlebells are relatively small and easy to carry, you can store them easily and bring them along with you when you travel.




Although we are advocating for kettlebells over barbells or dumbbells, you don’t have to completely give up your traditional weightlifting routine. In fact, kettlebells are a great way to supplement your weightlifting routine.


Weightlifting safely requires proper engagement of the core, glutes, lats, and back. Kettlebell movements such as swings, good mornings, and snatches are ideal for building up the muscle groups that form a solid base for other compound lifts. Many kettlebell movements require the upper and lower body to work together seamlessly to perform explosive power movements, which directly translates into more power for heavier barbell lifts.


If you are interested in an efficient workout that engages your entire body, builds cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength simultaneously, and offers unending variety, then you should give kettlebell-specific workouts a try.


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