Living a healthy life even with limited mobility


Regular exercises are an essential aspect of every human being regardless of one’s age or status in life. Living a healthy lifestyle is compulsory if you want to live long enough to see you grandchildren and your great-grandchildren. Exercise has been known to help avert various health issues related to old age such as obesity or heart diseases. A stronger body only means that you get to live an independent lifestyle without depending on other people to do things for you. When it comes to seniors maintaining a healthy lifestyle by working out, various categories need to be incorporated into one’s lifestyle. They include strength and endurance. A mixture of these categories will assist any senior individual despite him/her having limited mobility remain healthy and protect them from any injury. Health experts recommend that older adults receive at least one fifty minutes of endurance exercises and at least two strengthening sessions every week.

Embracing the fact that you are living with limited mobility can be very challenging if you were once an active person who loved exercising, sports and working out. Despite all these, it’s essential to remain active and work properly to ensure you enjoy your fruits during your prime years. Thankfully, there are various exercises an individual can undertake to keep one's fitness level up despite having limited mobility. For quite some time, workouts have been known to impact people lives positively regardless of what age an individual. The elderly with limited mobility have not been left behind as with proper exercise; they can still enjoy the benefits that come with exercising. Health experts argue that for cases where disability or age becomes the hindering factor, living an active life is essential.  Below are some of the activities that an older adult with limited mobility can take and still live a healthy lifestyle.

Chair exercises

These exercises are bound to keep you fit and healthy at the same time while safeguarding your golden years regardless of you struggling with limited mobility. Some of the exercises present in this category are simple and aim at crucial areas of a person’s body. What makes chair exercises effective is that a person can use what is around to do exercises and remain healthy. For instance, you can use water bottles to act as weights. While holding one bottle in each hand, you go ahead and raise your arms above your head, and this exercise targets your shoulders and upper back. Moreover, you can use makeshifts weights to help with bicep curls as well us work out your upper body.

Tummy twist

This type of exercise was formulated to help in working the core muscles and can only be done if the older adult is sitting in a good posture. The individual is required to hold a ball using both his/her hands while the elbows are bent. Slowly, the older adult is to move the torso to the left comfortably while ensuring the rest of the body is still. Later, the torso is to be rotated back to the middle and moved to the right. One set consists of two twists and beginners are required to undertake eight sets each.


-Written by Barbara Ann Ailstock

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