Main Attributes For Developing an Eugen Sandow Like Physique

Main Attributes For Developing an Eugen Sandow Like Physique


Eugen Sandow’s Stats

Height: 5 Foot 9 Inches

Weight: 195 Pounds

Diet: No Strict Dieting


Eugen Sandow was someone that was inspired by the older Greek and Roman statues. Originally, he was skinny and frail and he desired to look like a statue. Because he failed for years attempting to implement calisthenics in his routine, he transitioned to studying anatomy and worked to develop a particular set of exercises which would isolate each muscle for various movements. While doing this, he began to experience growth like he never did previously. He ended up 5'9" and 195 pounds. Below, we will be going over some of the exercises he incorporated into his workout.


What was Eugen Sandow’s Workout?

  1. Dumbbells.


One of the biggest things that he focuses on adding to his routine is the use of dumbbells. Dumbbells are one of the best workout tools that you can use when used properly. This is primarily because you can effectively isolate muscles and manipulate which muscles are relaxed throughout the exercise. This alone can help you target specific muscle groups at a time. Some of the most effective exercises that you want to add to your workout routine would be bicep curls, reverse bicep curls, single-arm shoulder press, shoulder raises, lunge punches, chest expansion and more. Eugen believed that the use of dumbbells should be heavy in your workout routine.


  1. Push-Ups.


Another focus that Eugen included in his workout was the push-up. You want to have push-ups in your routine because it can help you build mass and it targets specific muscle groups that will effectively help you put on mass the quickest.


  1. Chest Press.


Another exercise that he incorporated into his workout to get his physique is the chest press. The chest press both standing and sitting is one that was implemented in his workout to improve stability muscles and to target muscles that he was unable to with just using dumbbells.


Now that we have gone over some of Eugen's favorite exercises to incorporate into his workouts, we will be going over some of the ideas that he had about working out.


Ideas He Had: 


  1. Don't Use Gym Machines.


One of the main things that he constantly preached was the use of free weights. As mentioned above, he really focused his workouts on the use of dumbbells. He didn't want to use gym machines and he thought that gym machines would limit growth. He focused strictly on using both dumbbells and barbells because it allowed him to enhance the strength of his stabilizer muscles and it kept him using the proper form for each set. Machines do a lot of the balancing for you and allow you to get away without implementing the proper form each and every time.


  1. Drink Water.


Eugen was a big believer that you should avoid drinking both tea and coffee because they both contain harmful alkaloids that could limit the results that you would be able to achieve.


  1. No Strict Dieting.


One of the very interesting things that Eugen didn't do despite being obsessed with looking like a Greek statue was to stress over his diet. Instead of constantly worrying about what he was putting into his body, he focused strictly in moderation. He enjoyed anything that he wanted to but he focused on moderating the amount that he took in. He was not a believer in a specific diet. Rather, he was content on being moderate in all things. He even drank beer and smoked but he never did anything in excess.


  1. Workout Outside.


He also believed that you should take your workouts outside. He always believed that you should be breathing in natural air while you are working out rather than being stuck in a dreary and poorly ventilated place.


  1. Workout When You Aren't Working Out.


Eugen was one of the early believers that you should try to get in workouts while you are sitting down. While sitting, you can contract your muscles and get the same kind of benefits that you would from actually getting in a workout.


  1. Focus On Improving Fitness While Young.


Another big thing that he always stressed was to try to establish a good workout routine when you are young. He was a believer that you should begin exercising with things like dumbbells as early as two years of age. This can help to develop a fitness routine at a young age that is likely to continue as the child develops.


  1. Workout In-front Of A Mirror.


Another belief he had was that you should look to get a mirror and workout in front of it. By working out in front of a mirror, you will be able to see exactly what muscles are contracting and what muscles are working throughout the entire movement. This can help you not only isolate the right muscles, but it can help you see the progress that you are making which is only going to continue to motivate you even further.


  1. Fitness Was Good For Your Digestive System.


Sandow knew the impact that weightlifting could have on the body. He never promoted exercising purely for aesthetic reasons. In fact, he knew and stressed the importance of fitness for general health. He knew that through physical exercise, the digestive system could be improved which could help improve overall health and wellness for the human body as all of the waste and toxins would be efficiently removed. Therefore, he was not overly stressed about the aesthetic benefits of exercise rather the overall improvements it could lead to.


Overall, there are plenty of things that Sandow believed which made him a true innovator at the time. A lot of his beliefs and his ideas have sustained in modern times and they are the principles by which a lot of bodybuilders live. He really had a good idea of what was possible to achieve with the human body with the right kind of direction and focus. He did all of this without taking steroids or promoting the idea of bulking through diet.


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