Massage therapies effect on healing sports injuries and recovery time

Massage therapies effect on healing sports injuries and recovery time

With spring just around the corner, this is the perfect time to get out and get active. This is the perfect time to start playing some sports for fitness and fun. However, it doesn't matter if you play a sport once or twice a week, or you are a professional athlete, injuries are almost inevitable when you play physical sports.

Still, you can't let some small injuries stop you from playing your dream sport. There are numerous ways to help in the recovery of sports injuries, from a small sprain to dangerous ligament tears and fractures, physical therapy is an essential part of the treatment. However, you can also use massage therapy to increase your healing and recovery.

Massage has been used to provide relief from physical injuries for a very long time, and though it isn't a complete solution on its own, it can significantly aid your treatment and have positive effects. Since many people are unaware of these amazing benefits of massage and how it affects the healing of injured athletes, today we are going to tell you about the effects of massage, so, keep reading to learn more.

Massage improves your blood circulation:

One of the most prominent benefits of massage is improved blood circulation. This means that nutrients can reach our muscles more effectively, which can aid in recovery and healing in case of almost every muscle related problem.

Moreover, massage therapists can perform specific massage techniques to increase the flow of blood to the affected area, which also speeds up the healing process.  The increased interchange of nutrients and minerals between the blood and the tissues of our organs and muscles result in an increased metabolic system as well.

Massage improves your muscle flexibility:

Numerous sports injuries are caused because of increased stress on muscles, and ligaments. When the natural range of motion of our muscles is exceeded abruptly, it can lead to tears in our ligaments and muscles. Ligament tears like ACL and MCL injuries can take up to nine months to recover completely; therefore, it is essential for athletes to increase their range of motion so that such injuries can be minimized.

Massage and static stretches can increase an athlete's range of motion over time, which can significantly decrease the chances of injuries. Therefore, Massage therapy can be quite useful for athletes from every sport.

Massage can decrease recovery time after workouts and training:

Whether you are playing a simple game of softball in the park, or you are a professional athlete training at the gym every day. You need to recover after intense physical activity. Normally, when you play once or twice a week, you may not pay that much attention to post-workout recovery, because you have the whole week to recover. However, professional athletes need to get back to the drawing board every day and work hard.

Therefore, post-workout or training recovery is a big part of the routine of a professional athlete and massage therapy is one of the best ways to do it.

When we exert our muscles, lactic acid and carbonic acid are built inside them. These two waste products can decrease our strength and halt muscle growth over time. However, targeted massage can help the body get rid of these toxins immediately. Therefore, massage can allow athletes to decrease recovery time between workouts, and it can also decrease the chances of fatigue and injuries.

Therefore, organize a massage session after playing any sports. If you are a professional athlete and you don't have the time to go to a massage therapist every day, you can opt to buy a massage chair which will help you relax at home. We know that high-quality massage chairs can be a bit expensive, but they are worth the investment. Especially if you are a professional athlete, you need to invest in your physical health, and a massage chair is one of the best ways to do that.

Massage can improve the lymphatic system:

In our body, the purpose of the lymphatic system is to clean toxins from our muscles and organs. A healthy lymphatic system can have numerous benefits, but a damaged lymphatic system can lead to numerous problems. Most importantly, a diminished lymphatic system can lead to lower metabolism and immunity. It can lead to fluid retention in our muscles, and it can cause inflammation as well, which means that it can negatively impact the healing of injuries

However, massage is a very effective method for stimulating the lymphatic system. It can affect our lymphatic nodes, which accelerate the performance of the lymphatic system, and toxins are removed from our muscles effectively. Therefore, if you are an athlete, you need to get some lymphatic massage every now and then.

Massage can help counter pain:

Though it is understandable that massage can’t be anywhere near as effective at relieving pain as a painkiller, you should know that painkillers will only temporarily numb the pain, while the actual problem is still there. On the other hand, massage and chiropractic treatment can help you fix injuries and alleviate pain. Moreover, massage also triggers the release of certain hormones in the body which can have a numbing effect on pain and make it much more bearable.

Massage therapy for pain relief is very beneficial for professional athletes because of dope tests. Athletes have to do Dope tests with organization like USADA or WADA to ensure that they are not taking steroids, and certain painkillers and other medication can tamper the results of these tests, which is why they aren't allowed when an athlete is about to compete in a couple of weeks. Massage is a natural pain-relieving treatment, which does not have any effect on the dope tests, which is why it is very beneficial for athletes.

To sum it all up, massage has a lot of amazing benefits for everybody, but it is especially beneficial for athletes. In today's post, we have mentioned some of the most common ways in which massage can affect the healing and recovery time of athletes. We hope that you found the post informative and helpful.




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This article is written by Anthony. He believes words have the power to influence people and disseminate knowledge artistically. Even though, he writes for no particular niche, his passion for blogging has driven him to take up writing in his leisure time to accompany his studies.


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