Myths about Senior Exercise

Myths about Senior Exercise

Myths about Senior Exercise

It is estimated that only one out of ten elderly individuals over the age of fifty exercises every day with the aim of enjoying cardiovascular benefits. What people tend to forget is that senior fitness, as well as an active lifestyle, is essential especially for the elder generation. Adequate fitness helps in maintaining the body’s independence, reducing the risk of acquiring disease and helps a person recover from illness. Moreover, work out helps energies a person’s mood, improve the well being of an individual, relieve stress and help manage body pain and ailments. Health experts argue that work out is the key to a person staying healthy, active, energetic and achieving wellness as one gets older. It’s never too late for any individual to get fit regardless of a person’s age. You can be fifty or even seventy years and still be in a position of exercising. A human body is known to respond positively to exercise regardless of a person’s age, and that is why the elderly are always advised to work out.

Physical exercises can be fun, and its benefits are worth the sacrifice. Regardless of a person’s age or physical condition, physical exercise can be beneficial as its reward doesn’t need strenuous workouts or numerous trips to the gym. All it requires is a person adding more movement as well as an activity into his/her life in small ways. Physicians have noticed that nearly half of the physical decline that comes with ageing is due to a decline in physical activity. Without proper workouts, older individuals from the age of fifty are bound to experience a variety of health problems. These problems include reduced balance, reduced respiratory function, increased blood pressure, minimal joint flexibility, increased risk of diseases such as stroke and increased body fats.

One of the myths many people have is that exercises are no longer necessary for older individuals. Moreover, there exist various misconceptions that have ended up in older people abandoning physical activity. One of these misconceptions is that older people are physically weak and frail and cannot undertake any physical activity. Another myth is that workouts are hazardous and dangerous for older people as they can cause injury. Others argue that exercise can only be important when it’s vigorous. All these misconceptions have resulted in the elderly disregarding physical activity thus bringing about major health problems. However, there exist various factors that have contributed to people over fifty years disregarding physical exercise. For starters, many older people feel unwelcome as many sports end up attracting younger adults. Secondly, the many older individuals opt for sedentary activities such as reading thus end up disregarding physical activity. Lastly, the high cost of some sports has resulted in some people being excluded as they cannot afford the cost.

It is important for older individuals to undertake physical activity as it has numerous benefits as compared to sedentary activities. Physical activity guarantees long and healthy life away from diseases and stress. Age should never be a barrier for anyone to undertake an activity including senior workouts.


Written by Barbara Ailstock

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