Obligations of a personal trainer

Obligations of a personal trainer

A qualified and certified personal trainer has the power to change a person life and add more to the case of older adults. Using their expertise and knowledge, personal trainers can develop and design training regimen that assists in meeting the health as well as fitness goals of any individual regardless of their age. Undertaking fitness assessment and providing motivation as well as accountability are among the core duties any personal trainer has to his/her client. However, there are numerous other responsibilities attached to being a personal trainer, and they include;

Formulating fitness programs

Any personal trainer should design an exercise program depending on the client physical condition as well as the end objective. This is particularly essential for older citizens due to their delicate nature. Older people are known to have various complications such as limited mobility, and thus their exercise program may differ depending on their physical and medical condition. Based on the clients end goals, such as losing weight or increasing strength, and fitness level, a personal trainer, can determine what type of exercise the client will perform. For instance, seniors with limited mobility can do seated exercises. Personal trainers have to demonstrate the various techniques to be implemented when client is performing the different exercises.

Providing inspiration

Implementation, as well asthe formulation of fitness program, are necessary but getting your clients excited, willing and engaged in improving his/her lifestyle is far much important. Personal trainers do play a crucial role in motivating their clients to continue working hard for them to remain healthy. Older citizens, for instance, do need a lot of motivation as most of them tend to believe workouts are only meant for a younger generation. In such an instance, it’s the work of a personal trainer to motivate this senior explaining to him/her the importance of working out. Personal trainers have to push their clients until they achieve their goals regardless of their age. For instance, if a personal trainer is working with a  senior citizen who wants to lose weight, the personal trainer must ensure the senior citizen undertake the necessary training, and at the end of the program, the end objective is attained.

Composing Dietary Suggestions

It’s the duty and obligation of any personal trainer to offer the client with standard dietary advice. Depending on one’s preference, a personal trainer can opt to provide the client with literature or foods that will provide healthy nutrient to the client’s body. These nutrients will help the body recover for the workout as well as help the end goal attained. For instance, if it’s a senior citizen who wants to lose weight, a proper diet is needed together with proper training. With these two at hand, the senior citizen is bound to achieve his/her end goal regardless of any challenges. A trainer has to fully explain and elaborate to the client how his/her daily activities affect the dietary caloric requirements. By doing so, it will be easier for the trainer as well as the client to make a meal timetable that dictates how one eats and what he/she eats.



-Written by Barbara Ailstock

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