Personal training for the elderly

Personal training for the elderly

When it comes to getting in shape, living an active lifestyle and staying fit, the elderly have special needs that need to adhere. Mobility complications, as well as illness, may limit the way one maintains his/her fitness regimen. In such instances, a personal trainer is highly recommended as they help in making the entire fitness regimen less confusing and highly accessible. It’s the responsibility of a personal trainer to ensure all training programs for senior citizens are effective and most importantly safe. This is because, as human beings begin aging, their muscle mass begins loosening, and their strength starts decreasing. Their grip strength also decreases and this makes it hard for them to undertake everyday activities such as sweeping or cleaning the house. Many older citizens end up tiring quickly which is caused by their heart muscles becoming weaker as they begin aging.

Other effects brought about by aging include limited mobility, increased fractures, high risk of strains and becoming fragile. Moreover, their metabolism slows down, and as a result, more weight is gained, and cholesterol problems arise.  However, not every individual will undergo these changes as some may end up staying active their entire lives while others find it hard to do so thus experience age-related ailments such as osteoarthritis. Age-related illnesses have been known to an elderly decreasing his/her quality of life. All these impacts can be avoided and limited with the help of a qualified and well-trained personal trainer.

According to aging experts, all these changes that often arise in the musculoskeletal system have been associated more with disuse and less with aging. More than two-thirds of the entire aged population doe does not undertake enough exercise and those over sixty years rarely engage in physical activity. A compelling personal training curriculum ought to put a senior on regular workout schedule by making them leave the house and begin getting active. For a training program to be identified as valid, it needs to deal with cardiovascular fitness with the aim of controlling a person blood pressure, improve bone strength, improve endurance and help in strength training. Moreover, it will assist in improving flexibility, balance and increase the range of motion. Other advantages associated with personal training program entail improving well-being, low risk of chronic ailments, pain reduction, and heightened energy levels. The first step to enjoying all the benefits that come with personal training program is enrolling in one. You cannot enjoy the benefits if you stay at home as you need to be part of the initiative.

 While getting involved with a personal training program, an elderly should expect to do various aerobic activities such as swimming, bike riding or walking. Moreover, other activities that involve getting the heart pumping will be included within the program. Muscle-strengthening activities will be incorporated as they help in increasing the senior’s bone density as well as strength. In any personal training program, stretching exercises are a compulsory as they help in promoting flexibility, protecting the joints as well as reducing stress levels present in the musculoskeletal system.


-Written by Barbara Ailstock

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