Wellness Activities for Senior Citizens

Wellness Activities for Senior Citizens

Wellness Activities for Senior Citizens

Excellent physical, as well as mental health,  can come in handy when it comes to improving the quality of life during a person older years. Aside from keeping a person’s body healthy and energized, physical activity has been known to avert and advance age-related complications such as arthritis. Moreover, physical activity has been known to lower the risk of injuries as well as reducing the risk of age-related ailments such as stroke. According to health experts, physical activity entails various elements that need to be considered. Physical activity is not all about waking up in the morning and running for a meter or kilometer.

For physical activity to bring about fitness for an older adult, it should entail a person’s body moving. According to health experts, an individual who is regarded to be healthy and is sixty-five years and above is believed to undertake nearly 150 minutes of cardio each week. An older adult can opt to take thirty minutes of cardio for five days each week or split the workout into three segments where he/she undertakes a ten-minute work our every day depending on one’s preference. Some of the exercises any older adult can conduct that is known to bring about physical wellness include swimming, dancing and walking. Health wellness experts argue that everyday activities such as playing with grandkids, gardening or going to the market play a significant role in promoting an active lifestyle.

Physical fitness is known to help in strengthening a person’s body. Apart from enhancing the muscles, physical activity is known to enhance a person’s body thus reducing the chances of fractures. When a person gets older the risk of him/her falling increases and with the help of physical activity, the risk of falling is highly reduced as a person’s balance and stability are improved. As people age, their metabolism slows down due to the loss of muscle tissue. However, this can be combated with the help of resistance training. It is recommended that an older adult undertakes strength training approximately two days every week, but over time a person can add more sets. Some of the strength training a senior can take include biceps curls, wall pushups, chest presses or lateral raises (https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/exercise-and-aging-can-you-walk-away-from-father-time). Most of these exercises can be undertaken with the help of a resistance band or when one is sitting on a chair which makes them convenient for a senior.

Many people tend to believe a person’s wellness entail only physical training. However, this is not the case as apart from keeping the body healthy and string, a person is required to keep his/her brain in good shape. The elderly are known to have the tendency of forgetting things and through exercising and challenging the mind; it becomes easy for them to prevent memory problems. Some of the ways an elder person can test his/her brain include solving crosswords.

Due to the sensitive nature of the elderly, it is essential for one to first consult a doctor before undertaking any new exercise routine. By doing so, the doctor will ascertain if the routine is good for you with regards to your physical condition.


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